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Odd Couples Who Find True Love

Odd Couples Who Find True Love

Odd Couples Who Find True Love You might such as to visit rest very early and also your better half might such as to keep up late, yet that does not imply you can not have a satisfied marital relationship.


As well as you’re not the only one in the revers draw in drawing. All you need to do is check out a few of the popular television pairs that were mismatched,


starting with Lucy as well as Ricky Ricardo as well as taking place to Edith as well as Archie Bunker, in addition to Ralph as well as Alice Kramden as well as the oddest number of all, Felix Unger as well as Oscar Madison.


Possibly the craziest instance of dissimilar pairs that drop in love prima facie was Dharma & Greg. She was a free-spirited yoga exercise teacher increased by hippies as well as he an aristocratic-bred, Harvard-educated legal representative.

What takes place when they satisfy?


They obtain wed on their initial day. The humorous evidence that you do not need to resemble the individual you wed is the Emmy Award-nominated funny collection “Dharma & Greg.”


There’s definitely no love in the air when Dharma’s hippie moms and dads as well as Greg’s blue-blood facility moms and dads ultimately fulfill after their kids have actually currently wed at a drive-thru church in Reno.


Absolutely nothing can stand in the means of real love, and also the evidence of this is that followers can experience the love and also giggling of all 23 first-season episodes on a recently debuting DVD.


View Jenna Elfman in her outbreak enchanting funny duty together with Thomas Gibson in the wayward and also enchanting collection that linked for individuals’s Choice Award as Favorite New Television Comedy of 1997.


The “Dharma & Greg: Season One” DVD collection likewise includes audio discourses by different actors participants and also some humorous outtakes.


On top of that, the DVD collection consists of “When Two Worlds Collide: The Dharma & Greg Story” and also a “Reaching Your Inner Dharma” interactive video game.


You might such as to go to rest very early as well as your spouse might such as to remain up late, yet that does not imply you can not have a pleased marital relationship.


All you have to do is look at some of the well-known Television pairs that were mismatched, starting with Lucy and also Ricky Ricardo and also going on to Edith and also Archie Bunker, not to point out Ralph and also Alice Kramden and also the oddest pair of all, Felix Unger as well as Oscar Madison.

There’s definitely no love in the air when Dharma’s hippie moms and dads as well as Greg’s blue-blood facility moms and dads lastly satisfy after their youngsters have actually currently wed at a drive-thru church in Reno.

Effective Communication is the Key to a Stable Marriage

Meredith, 30, had been married to Ralph, 32, for more than six years. She was a stay-at-home wife and he was a top business executive.

Ralph’s work has kept him so busy that he really thinks that he has no time to start a “family.” His frequent business travels have kept him away from home several days, and even weeks at a time.

Like a typical workaholic, Ralph has made same mistake committed by many career-driven husbands — neglecting his wife.

This situation has even made Meredith think that Ralph and really married to his career and not to her. Meredith and Ralph had been fighting more than ever before and it was pretty obvious that there was already a serious problem with their marriage.

She accuses him of being cold and indifferent, and he accuses her of being a nagger. All their marital woes have caused them enormous stress and anxiety.

Aside from financial trouble, infidelity, and problems with the in-laws, many marriages suffer from the simple lack of communication.

Like Meredith and Ralph, many couples fail to resolve their problems early on. As a result, couples grow further apart and are left to struggle with their respective anger and frustration. Instead of speaking with each other as adults, many couples resort to withdrawal or the “silent treatment.”

In many cases, couples have already formed the way they communicate based on how their own parents communicated with each other.

A person who grew up with parents who constantly fight has the tendency to be argumentative too. A person who was raised by parents who ignored each other whenever they had problems may have the tendency to ignore his partner and his own problems in marriage.

It is said that it takes two to tango and it takes two to argue. But many marriages end up in separation or divorce precisely because the couple even evades quarrels and just chooses to ignore their problem.

With mutual “silent treatment,” a couple denies their own opportunity to discuss and hopefully resolve their problem. And when they do talk, the couples would often just exchange accusations and even hurl invectives at one another.

Many women complain that men are so cold, indifferent, and insensitive to their needs and to the issues that affect their relationship.

They say that men spend too much time at the office and neglect their duties as husband and father. Women feel angry when men go home only to spend time in front of the t.v.

or go out to have drinking sprees with their friends. Men, on the other hand, complain that women are so boisterous, jealous, and nag all the time.

So, how can men and women in marriage deal with their marital problems? The first step that couples should take is to improve the way how they communicate with each other.

Shown below are some of the ways how couples can improve their communication skills in marriage:

10 Ways to Communicate Effectively

1. No name calling and don’t make any threats.
2. Don’t interrupt when your spouse is still speaking.
3. Don’t dominate the discussion and stay on the same topic or issue at hand.
4. Listen and pay attention to what the other is saying.
5. Respect each other and be prepared to make changes in the way you think, feel, and behave.
6. Avoid mentioning or bringing up past mistakes and old resentments.
7. Don’t assume too much that you know what your spouse is thinking or feeling.
8. Don’t presume that you’re always “right” in any argument.
9. Try to meet half-way or compromise.
10. Be honest and acknowledge the validity and importance of each other feelings.

Many couples forget that simple affirmation or small acts of love and kindness can do wonders for their marriage. A warm hug or attentively listening to your spouse can bring back a semblance of peace, love, and respect in your relationship. Indeed, one of the keys to a lasting marriage is effective communication.

Given enough time and lots of patience, any couple on the rocks can revive their marriage. It just takes a lot of listening and kind words to make your marriage a real match made in heaven.

Romantic Love Letters and Poems – Why should I Bother?

Are you in love? Do you want to share your feelings with your special person? Are you a man of few words? Check this out! Romantic love poems would enable you to realize your dream of winning over the heart of love of your life.

Even if you have already treaded the path of love and gone too far, love poems can impart a special meaning to special relationship that you share with your special person. Make your courtship a joyous experience with love poems.

Love poetry is like the potion of romance that has been around since donkey’s years and without it romance almost stumbles.

Poem is more loved and liked than the prose because of its rhyming quality and the highly imaginative style that compels people to dream. Just a glance at these love poems would send a shiver down your body if you have a sense of understanding the essence of love and romance.

You can find love poems online that are sentimental. Sending love poems online to your love is a simple gesture that’s filled with emotions and warmth. Enclosing a love poem in a card is like the icing on the cake.

You can either create your own poem or look for any of the great poetry that you might have read earlier. Classic poems are for love stories that are legendary.

Some couples find romance in humor too. There are funny love poems for those romantic couples who are class apart.

Romantic poems can be written and presented on any occasion, birthday, anniversary and wedding, to name a few. Love poems can be read for fun too.

You can get inspired from reading them. You can also share them with your friends and relatives. If you have never fallen in love then you must read and discuss romantic love poems, who knows cupid might strike its arrow in your heart too.

Sex vs. Romance

and believe that finally they may have the answer.

There are two distinct differences in the areas of the brain associated with sexual arousal and emotional responses typical of being romantically involved, and using brain scans.

Scientists were able to decipher the distinctions people make-in their brains-when presented with sexual stimuli and then pictures of their wives and/or girlfriends. (By the way, the studies were done on females as well, we will use the term him for the sake of simplicity.)

Subjects who had very recently entered into new love relationships were hooked up to electro scanners and given a series of questions to answer pertaining to their new loves.

Their levels of dopamine soared when answering the questions, and appeared mostly to stimulate the right side of the brain, usually associated with rewards that are not typically in the instant gratification section.

This was thought to be because romance and love is not part of instant gratification, as is thought to be sexual encounters, porn, and impulse control associated with the left side of the brain.

When the same subjects were shown sexually explicit material or answered explicit questions, the scans on the left side of the brain reacted.

More importantly, the areas of the brain which are thought to act as the relationship matures changed strongly when these same questions were answered by couples who had been involved for several years, leading scientists to believe that as we mature in our relationships, so does our brain activity in response to that relationship.

This could also explain why couples who are very much in love also experience a sense of the spark going out of their relationship after a few years.

It’s not that they aren’t attracted to each other any longer; it’s that their brain waves have matured. This could give much hope to couples thinking about separating because they don’t know what happened to the romance and sex in their relationship.

This breakthrough could save you thousands on couples counseling, and give the hope that as the two of you move through this area of your relationship-and you will move through it, studies also show that this is a growth area for couples, not the end of the partnership- you will come out on the other side even more attracted to each other than before.

During the fifties and the beginning of the sixties, these types of studies where not even thought of, couples stayed together even when it seemed impossible.

With the explosion of divorce becoming popular in the seventies and more couples separating in order to find them, the need for these types of brain wave studies became very necessary, and a good thing, too.

If you and your partner are in a rut, it’s not the right move to separate. Stay together and give it some time, there are other things you can do to spice up your relationship and still stay together. Love is still by far the strongest of all of the emotions.

Love and Marriage – Do They Really Go Together Today?

The old song of love and marriage going together like a horse and carriage may be cute, but does it really mean anything in today’s society?

Do you really need to have love in a relationship in order to marry, and do you need to marry if you love someone?

Only one generation back, our so-called civilized culture declared that love and marriage inevitably followed one another. There were no co-habiting/common-law relationships socially acceptable.

The “Cleaver” idea of family and home firmly put love and marriage together in a rose-tinted cameo of how a happy life ought to be. But only a generation or two down and life is very different. Attitudes have relaxed.

Social norms have changed. Love and marriage don’t have to go together – and with the more open society we live in accepting that we are free to love who we choose and not be restricted by gender, then in some cases it isn’t even legally possible for them to do so.

With homosexual marriage being a political and legal hot potato around the world, love and marriage is even possible for gay couples in some areas, whilst in others it’s still illegal and so love and marriage in the traditional sense is denied.

As the world becomes a smaller place and people increasingly move around from country to country, the diversity of cultures doesn’t necessarily mean that mixed marriages are always the way things go for a minority group in any country.

Arranged marriages are still a strong part of many cultures where the parents of a child being raised in a country other than the one of their parents’ birth is legally bound to marry someone of their parents’ choosing – often still residing in the homeland.

For these children, love and marriage is something that they can only dream and hope for, not something that is theirs by right.

Along a similar line to arranged marriages there are a number of people who take it upon themselves to facilitate the legal immigration of a person from outside a country by offering themselves for marriage.

Love and marriage doesn’t come into this situation at all – usually it’s nothing more than a cold financial deal between two adults who are attempting to beat the system.

For these people, marriage does not equate to love, and the problem with this kind of marriage is that it’s so commonplace that it overshadows and dominates how officialdom treats all couples who are trying to move to one country or the other in order to be together.

For those genuine couples it is the thought of love and marriage that makes them want to give up all that they are familiar with in order to have a “traditional” life of marriage with the person they’ve fallen in love with.

The problem is that because of the false marriage applications, the genuine couples are made to jump through immigration hoops before their dreams of love and marriage and happy ever after can take place.

Morally, there is still a feeling that love and marriage is the right way to go and so there are couples who marry just to please their parents even though they feel that they have a strong enough bond as a couple without a marriage certificate and a couple of gold bands to prove it.

However, despite the fact we live in a society and culture where love and marriage is not socially necessary anymore, there are still some people who prefer to make this commitment to the person they

want to spend the rest of their life with, and for many, love and marriage remain firmly together and as much a part of the fairytale as the happy ever after ending the couple hopes for.

Valentine’s Day Themes to Suit Your Mood

For some, exchanging gifts like roses, cards, and flowers is not enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some prepare a party for the festivity of the hearts. Some also take this chance to bond with their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day parties usually have themes. Obvious themes are those associated with love, romance, and marriage. Of course, there is also a party designed for singles and children.

The Truth or Dare theme is for people who like to have fun by just playing game. This kind of party is designed only for small group. Some romantic films have used such game in the story.

It is a venue to express emotions to someone you love within the group. The attempts of some people were successful.

The daring questions in a Truth or Dare usually includes the following: who is the most beautiful person you know; if you could date or kiss anyone in the world, who would it be; which relationship you more likely want, a wild passionate one, or a quiet calm one; what is your dream honeymoon and many more.

Most often than not, Truth-or-Dare themed parties are less to prepare and need not to be expensive. Invitations are often within the closest friends only. The venue can be anywhere as long as everyone can sit comfortably and hear each other.

Another party theme for Valentine’s Day is the Chocolate party. A recent study says the sensation of chocolates in the mouth helps to increase brain activity and heart rate.

Moreover, chocolates are common gifts and sometimes signify the presence of Valentine’s Day. Modified Valentine’s Day now involves giving heart-shaped chocolates and flowers instead of cards alone.

In a Chocolate-themed party, the hosts sometimes send personalized candy bars to set the mood of the party. They serve different types of chocolates like semisweet, bittersweet, and unsweetened ones.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate parties frequently use the color red and gold creating an atmosphere of strong and intense emotions.

For hosts who opt for a fun Chocolate party, soundtrack of The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are sometimes used. Others who want a romantic mood, they play traditional love songs and soft jazz music in the background.

Like they say, Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. It is also for singles who celebrates their freedom. A Valentine’s Day party for singles can be home party with many friends around drinking and having. Some hosts opt to arrange games that everyone can enjoy.

Simple games include dumb charades, truth and dare, and treasure hunt to name a few. Other small group choose watching romantic movies in a relax environment. This one is cheaper when done at home.

A more sophisticated kind of party is the tabletop and menu parties. For Valentine’s Day, hosts use red roses, table covers, and paper goods like plates, cups, and napkins.

The drinks are served in red glowing barware like red shot glasses, martini glasses and flashing drink glasses. To add more to the Valentine’s Day atmosphere, desserts are red chocolates and strawberry cakes.

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