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Best Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

You don’t have a lot of money to spend this year for her, but you want something special for your mom. Here are some ideas that will take little or nothing to get or make.

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day
Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

A photo album is always nice to have around the house. So if you have many photos that have never made into an album, here is your chance to do something very special and it won’t cost but a few dollars to do.

Go to your local thrift store and look for some old binders and some nice fabric, if you don’t have any at home. Then all you need is some pages that you can put your photos on.


Decorate the binder for Mother’s Day and decorate the pages with the pictures on them with captions, buttons, lace, and charms, sort of like a scrapbook. This way the picture get put into an album and you make a inexpensive Mother’s Day gift for your mom.

Here are some silly but lovable and low cost gifts for mom, that are both meant to be funny or personal or both. She would treasure them for ever.

If she is a coffee or tea drinker then a Paint Your Own Mug would an excellent choice, with a painting done in your very hand, every time she takes a drink she will remember the time and love put into this wonderful gift, she would be the envy of all her friends.

Now with this handy kit, she can be paid for being a football widow. As referee, she is in charge! Getting ignored? Yellow Card! Got his mates over again?

Red Card! Each card carries a penalty for the family from simply doing the laundry to taking her on a holiday – let the punishment fit the crime….

Mom is afraid of spiders and other bugs? The Spider Catcher is an innovative new product which uses two sets bristles to gently catch the spider, carefully trapping it until you release it outside.

With a trigger at one end and the bristles at the other, there is no need for Mom to spend nights on the couch because a spider has decided to move into the bedroom!

Finding the right gifts Mothers Day can be difficult, especially if you have a mom like mine

Usually, I get together with my siblings to come up with Mothers Day gift ideas. The past two years, we have taken her out for an extremely nice dinner as a Mothers Day present.

You see, if there’s one thing that my mom likes, it is being taken out for dinner. If one of her child got her diamond earrings for Mothers Day, and another one got her a 20 dollars steak, I know which child she would favor! Nonetheless, my mom also doesn’t like repetition.

Do something once, it is a surprise. Do it two times, she will let it slide. But take her out for Mothers Day three years in a row and she will say something nasty.

Unfortunately, my mother is not one of those people who believes in giving hints. I think that she secretly enjoys watching us squirm a little bit, stressing out over what present to get for her.

I know that she likes books, and I can usually find something that she hasn’t read but would like to, but this year nothing comes to mind. She is such an avid reader, you see, that I think that she has read everything that is current and worth reading.

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day
Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

I don’t want to take a chance and buy books that she might have read as Mothers Day gifts, but I don’t know how to find out without sounding like I am dropping hints.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in one of those families where Mothers Day gifts are something routine! I don’t mind working to find the perfect gift for my mom,

but the perception that she is subtly laughing at us as we wrack our brains trying to find the perfect Mothers Day gifts Is a little bit disconcerting.

One way or another, I am sure that we will all find something for her before the big day comes, but in the meantime it’s going to be quite stressful!

Mothers Day Gifts Recommendations

Looking for great gifts for your Mom or Grandma for Mothers Day? Stop searching – we have put together great Mothers Days gift ideas that you can use for your Mom and Grandma.

Flowers and Flower Arrangements. Moms love flowers, and now it is easier then ever to send flowers. Even if you and your Mom don’t live in the same state, you can send flowers, and they will be delivered to Mom’s doorstep.

It is very convenient and easy to say “Happy Mothers Day!” with flowers.

– Mothers Day Gift Baskets. Gift baskets always make great gifts. Nowadays there are millions different gift baskets you can get, they are available for every price range and every taste.

Does your Mom like coffee? There are many coffee gift baskets for coffee lovers. Does she like baked goods? There are many gift baskets with baked goodies in them – the possibilities are truly endless.

– Personalized Jewelry for Mothers. Every Mother is extremely proud of her children, so help her show her kids off! Many personalized jewelry gifts help Mothers show off her kids with their names or their birthstones on a piece of jewelry.

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day
Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

– Personalized Gifts for Mothers. Would your Mom like to display precious pictures of her kids in a frame, that was personalized with names of her kids and grandkids?

How about personalized throws with pictures of her loved ones? There are lots of great personalized gift ideas, and some of them you can make yourself, while others you can purchase.

– Take Mom Out or Cook Her Dinner. Reciprocate for all the countless dinners, lunches and breakfasts that Mom made for you. Let her rest, while you make her her favorite dinner and then clean up the kitchen and wash dishes.

Not a good cook? Take Mom out to dinner, and start learning how to cook to make her dinner next Mothers Day!

Looking for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Mothers Day is coming and we all like to honor our Mother in a special way. Too often, we wait until the last minute, thinking we can certainly find something special if only we go out shopping in early May.

Mom always loves a bouquet of her favorite flowers, but those should be purchased just the day before! However, if you’re looking for unique Mothers Day gift ideas, it takes a little more time and thought.

So now’s the time to put on your thinking cap and be sure you have sufficient time to make your arrangements. Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Here’s one that is surely a unique Mothers Day gift idea. A Mothers journal, filled with questions about your Mom’s life, ideas, hopes and aspirations is a lovely and unique type of autobiography.

Looking through such a journal makes you realize how much you don’t know about Mom. For example, do you know what your Mom’s favorite childhood book was?

Do you know what was her favorite subject in school? How about her first date? How about fashion trends when she was a teen? Kids tend to think of Mom as just Mom, as you’ve known her since your childhood.

She will love to fill out this journal, all the more so because she knows her life has meaning to you beyond her adult years as your Mom.

Such unique Mothers Day gift ideas often requires some preparation. You’ve heard of newspaper clippings that can be compiled relating what happened on the day you were born.

Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day
Low Cost Gifts for Mom on Mothers Day

How about one for your Mom? You’ll be amazed how extraordinary was the day that your Mom was born.

Buy a nice photo album and have it embossed by a printer with a title, such as ‘The Extraordinary Day my Mom was Born’.

This idea qualifies as a unique Mothers Day gift idea, but might be a bit pricey. Here, all her kids may need to chip in, but she will treasure it.

Have a jeweler make a custom bracelet or necklace which contains her birthstone as well as that of each child. If you’re an only child, have a ring made with both your birthstones side by side, surrounded by diamonds.

Sometimes, the element of surprise forms the basis of unique Mothers Day gift ideas. One she’d never expect. Does she love the theatre or ballet?

Get tickets for her favorite theatre group or show. Perhaps her idea of a day in heaven is a day at a spa, being pampered mercilessly, but which she’d never buy for herself. Get it for her!

So here you have a start. Show Mom how much you love her with one of these ideas, or with one of your own unique Mothers Day gift ideas.

Mothers Day Quotes – A Lifetime of Love Doesn’t End at 18

Well, Mother’s Day is coming up on us again. Are you ready to “WOW” your mom with a show of thanks and gratitude?

Will you honestly remember what motherhood is all about and what she did for you?

To prepare you for adulthood, the stresses of life, teaching you how to make lemon-aide out of lemons.

Some say the Mother’s Day is too commercialized now, but what was it really for to begin with? Originally conceived by Julia Ward Howe after the American

Civil War as a day honoring (in her opinion) the inherent pacifism of mothers, Mother’s Day now simply celebrates motherhood and thanks mothers.

The first Mother’s Day as we would recognize it was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia, on May 10, 1908, in the church where the elder Anna Jarvis had taught Sunday School. Grafton is the home to the International Mother’s Day Shrine.

From there, the custom caught on — spreading eventually to 45 states. Finally the holiday was declared officially by states beginning in 1912, and in 1914 the President, Woodrow Wilson, declared the first national Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a busy time of year for mail in many countries. In 1973, the U.S. Postal Service was held up for eight days because of the number of letters and cards.

Here are just a few quotes from people that we have heard of but never thought to have a mother. They honored their mothers with these wonderful and memorable words about motherhood.

James Fenton: The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint

Oliver Wendell Holmes: The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men – from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms

Abraham Lincoln: I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

Chinese Proverb: There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.

Remember mom, she was the world to you in your childhood, the weirdo in your youth and the guide in your adulthood. She is “Mom.”

Mothers Day – Selecting The Right Ecard

Mother’s Day is coming nearer. We all will be trying to make this day a memorable day for our Mothers. Giving her gifts, taking her out for dinner and making her happy in all the possible ways. It is also the time to send the right ecard to Mother.

This is a day to thank Mother for bringing us up. Only the Mother knows how many nights she stayed awake to feed us and pamper us when we were infants.

After that it was school, helping in home work, getting the right dresses and most of all giving us a sense of total care and protection.

What kind of ecard should be sent to Mother to make her feel good? Any ecard essentially has three components- design, colors and text. If all of these combine properly, the greeting card can make a big impact on your Mother and make her happy.

You will find Mother’s day ecards on most of the ecard websites. Some of them are paid and some come totally free. Why not to chose free if the quality is equally good? Look around for free ecard sites and select the ecard for your Mother.

Talking of the card design, avoid using animated cartoons. Younger people may like those designs. But they don’t evoke the feeling of warmth, love and gratitude.

Try cards with video shots of nature – flowers, birds, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, clouds etc. These will make your Mother feel good.

Next is the choice of colors on the Mothers Day ecards. Select the ones with muted colors. Colors that are warm and soothing. You know the choice of your Mother. Try to get one in the colors she loves.

A Mother’s Day ecard with the right text can make your Mother very happy. Chose one with text that is full of memories, warmth and thanks to express gratitude.

Getting the right ecard for your Mother is very important. She is the one mostly responsible for bringing you up. You are here largely because of her. Invest enough time and select the right Mother’s Day ecard to make your Mother happy on Mothers day.

Mother’s Day Gifts – Top 10 Gifts for Mom

Spending statistics compiled for the National Retail Federation show that eight out of ten Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, and spend nearly $100 on average for Mother’s Day gifts, (men spend more than women).

Mother figures of all types receive gifts on Mother’s Day. Whether she is your mom, step-mother, mother-in-law, wife, aunt, daughter, friend or grandmother, the list below will help you select the perfect gift for the mom in your life.

*** Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts ***

1. Greeting Cards
Mother’s Day cards are the number one Mother’s Day gift. Hallmark reports that more than 150 million will be sent from U.S. households to mothers this Mother’s Day.

2. Flowers
More than 50% of all Mother’s Day gifts include flowers. Sending flowers online has never been easier, with several reputable florists to choose from.

This year, instead of cut flowers, consider sending a living plant. By giving a bonsai tree, flower bulbs, outdoor plant, or an indoor potted plant, your mom will enjoy your gift long after Mother’s Day.


3. Dinner Out
Moms rank a dinner at a nice restaurant as one of their favorite gifts. Line up a babysitter, make the reservation and get out! If getting out is next to impossible, Omaha Steaks can send you a complete gourmet dinner.


4. Relaxation
Give her some time off to slip into a favorite pair of pjs, read a good book, sleep, soak in the tub or listen to her favorite music.

To help her relax, send her a spa basket, some new pajamas, or purchase a gift certificate for a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure at a local spa.


5. Weekend Away
A weekend trip is the fantasy wish of many mothers. Not a bad deal for dads either. Close to home or far away, you can make her fantasy weekend come true at any online travel website.


6. Jewelry
If you’ve given mom flowers for years, why not mix it up this year with a piece of jewelry. Retailers offer several Mother’s Day themed pieces. Classic earrings, bracelets and necklaces work just as well.


7. Handmade Gifts
Mothers love every macaroni craft, crayon illustration, poetry composition, and finger painting their child makes. Displayed in a beautiful frame, children’s artwork becomes a priceless original.


8. Electronics
Whatever is “hot” works for many digital age mothers. This year, consider an Apple iPod portable digital audio player, or iPod accessories.

When it comes to iPod accessories new options are available every day. Mom can extend her iPod with an iPod clock radio, fun and functional armbands and cases, docks and chargers, FM transmitters for listening in the car, or speakers for her home or office.

For digital age fitness moms, how about a heart rate monitor from Polar? Wearing a heart rate monitor can improve fitness in any type of activity. A built-in calorie counter provides an additional incentive to keep going.


9. Gift Certificates
You will never get the wrong size again. Most online retailers offer gift certificates.


10. Time with You
What most moms want is to spend time with the family, so if you don’t live near her, plan a trip to deliver your gift personally.

Visit for more gift ideas and great Mother’s Day gifts. >>

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