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Hawaii Scuba best Diving

Hawaii Scuba best Diving

The name Hawaii always brings to mind warm tropical sunshine, palm trees, white sandy beaches, hula dancers, luaus, crystal clear waters, and whatever describes paradise.

Hawaii has a lot to offer, which makes it a favorite destination of relaxation, fun, and adventure, from jumping a plane at fourteen-thousand feet, to surfing, to playing golf, to hiking, and to exploring.

One of the most excellent places to explore in Hawaii is its striking crystal clear waters abundant with underwater marine life through Hawaii scuba diving adventures.

A great variety of beautiful tropical fish and some of the loveliest floral formations, make up the facets of Hawaii scuba diving, not to mention the year round warm waters and some of the best dive sites in the world.

Hawaii’s islands have their own diverse and distinguishing characteristics and personalities that offer unique and exhilarating dive sites with the lavishness of endemic marine life.

Hawaii scuba diving on Maui or Kauai is an excellent way to take pleasure in the marine life of the islands. Scuba diving operators, resorts, dive boats, and dive shops, are available all through Hawaii.

Divers can enjoy the warm water whilst witnessing large green sea turtles, hundreds of vibrantly colored fish, and sharks.

Nearly all of Hawaii scuba diving sites off the leeward coast have excellent locations extending all along the coast. Large mountains conditions shelter the coast from trade winds and tend to give glassy visibility around a hundred feet or more.

The tunnel caverns, arches, and lava tubes, offer some stunning photo opportunities, or one can simply try the night dives with the Manta Rays.

For the adventurous divers, trying the blue water dive in search for spotted dolphins or bottlenose, pygmy killer whales, pilot whales, and whale sharks, will definitely satisfying that adrenalin rush need.

Some great Hawaii scuba diving sites include: North of Kona-Horseshoe Bay, Frog Rock, Waialea Bay, Puako, Ruddles, Mauna Lani Caves, Pentagon, Kiholo Bay, Ledges, Makalawena, Mahai’ula, Pinetrees,

Golden Arches, Suck-em-Up, Turtle Pinnacle, Kaiwi Point, Old Airport; South of Kona-Milemarker 4, Manta Ray Village, Fantasy reef, Chimney, Mahi reef,

Coral Domes, Henry’s Cave, Sharkies Cove, Long Lava Tube, South Wall, Driftwoods, Hammerhead Point, Kealakekua Bay, Place of Refuge, ‘Au’Au Crater,

Robs Reef/Twin Sisters, Three Room Cave, Milolli, Manuka Bay, and Black Coral Forest; East and South East- Puhi Bay, Leleiwi, Richardson Beach, Poho’iki, and Punalu’u.

The warm waters the surround Hawaii are the abode of an incredible number of corals, fish, and mammal species. The archipelago’s isolation results in about thirty percent of the reef fish being widespread in Hawaii.

So what are you waiting for, take the plunge and witness the underwater paradise and discover the coral reefs and sea caves, swimming amongst the monk seals, sea turtles, and spinner dolphins through great Hawaii scuba diving.

Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Vacation In Hawaii

Millions of vacation tourists visit Hawaii every year. Most of them came to explore the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and volcanoes while some came with the intention to scuba dive in the tropical seas and to explore Hawaii‘s magnificent underwater world.

Hawaii Scuba best Diving
Hawaii Scuba best Diving

According to Rodale’s scuba diver magazine, Hawaii is one of the world’s top ten diving destination for scuba divers.

Hawaii‘s marine life is very diverse so much so that there are more than a hundred endemic species found no where else on earth.

You can explore Hawaii‘s myriads of underwater caverns, reefs, drop off walls, canyons, gulleys and swim with turtles and seals in clear crystal waters.

If you are not a scuba diver, you can take scuba diving lessons and then can plunge into Hawaii‘s beautiful seas almost immediately.

If you want to go scuba diving, it is best to go in the morning as strong winds often rough up the sea in the afternoons.

This is especially so on the island of Maui and that is the reason why dive operators often take divers out to sea early in the morning and terminate the dives around noon or early afternoons.

One of the big attractions in Hawaii is snorkeling. Almost anyone can go snorkeling since all you need is a face mask, a snorkel tube and a pair of swimming fins.

If you have never snorkeled before, most resorts and dive operators can give you snorkelling lessons and rent you snorkeling gear. However, if you can swim, you really do not need any formal training as snorkeling is quite easy.

The most popular spot for snorkeling in Hawaii, especially for the beginner is the Hanauma Bay, on the island of Oahu.

Other popular snorkeling sites in Hawaii are the Kee Beach on Kauai island, Hulopoe Bay in Lanai, Kahaluu Beach on the Big island and Kapalua Bay on Maui.

Although great snorkeling can be gotten at all the islands in Hawaii, snorkeling and scuba diving on the Big Island is recommended because of its volcanic activities and lava formation resulting from that.

There are magnificent and spectacular drop offs with awesome underwater scenery to watch and admire. Some of the great snorkeling locations there are Molokini Crater and the Kealakekua Bay.

Whether you are snorkelling or scuba diving in Hawaii or anywhere else, always snorkel or dive with a buddy for safety reason and companion sake.

Do look up now and then to check that you are not getting carried away by drift current too far away from shore and also to check for boat traffic. Do not touch anything as some corals and sea creatures in Hawaii can pack very painful and venomous stings.

Hawaii Whale Watching Tips For An Unforgettable Adventure

Each year, the Humpback Whales migrate around 4,000 miles, from summer feeding grounds in Alaska, to mate in Hawaii‘s warm waters.

Hawaii Scuba best Diving
Hawaii Scuba best Diving

During mating season, Humpback Whales are more active resulting in elevated surface activity which makes Hawaii a popular destination for whale watching. This exciting surface behavior, such as breaching and tail slaps, make for exciting whale watching in Hawaii.

As a Hawaii local and avid waterman, I have 5 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your Hawaii whale watching adventure.

So before planning your next Hawaii vacation, follow these tips and you might just have an unforgettable whale encounter!

1. Plan Your Trip During Peak Months

Humpback Whales begin arriving in Hawaii in November and head back to Alaska in late May. If you have planned a Hawaii vacation during this time, you should have no problem spotting whales.

However, peak Hawaii whale watching season occurs during February and March. So if you have not made your travel arrangements yet, shoot for these months.

2. Visit Islands Known For Whale Watching

Maui, Kauai and the Big Island are the most popular islands for Hawaii whale watching, so plan to visit one of these islands on your vacation. If you are visiting Oahu, you can see whales there too, they just won’t be as abundant.

3. Plan A Boat Tour

Hawaii whale watching tours are ideal for seeing these spectacular animals in their natural habitat. Not only will you be in the whale’s environment, but because humpback whales are curious about their surrounding, they will sometimes approach your boat. Plan a Hawaii boat tour to truly get the most out of your whale watching adventure.

Boat tours are available departing from Lahaina Harbor many times throughout the day during whale season. On the Big Island and the island of Kauai, whale-watching opportunities abound with a full schedule of tours provided by seasoned, knowledgeable guides.

Humpback whales may also be observed from land if you prefer solid ground to the deck of a boat. On Kauai the Kilauea Lighthouse, Kealia Lookout and various high-points of land in coastal areas are good places to start.

Once you’re in the right place, spotting the whales is easy: just look for the majestic plumes of water (“blows”) rising in the air and the playful splashes made by these gigantic creatures.

4. Respect their space

In Hawaii, whale watching is an avid activity, and like with most outdoors activities, there are rules. Observers may not approach by vessel or by swimming within 100 yards of a whale (known as the 100-yard minimum rule). However, there is no rule that keeps whales from approaching people.

Experienced leaders of Hawaii whale watching tours know how to gently approach these animals and encourage them to come closer.

5. Preserve the Humpback Whale

The humpback whale almost came to extinction in 1966 after mass commercial whaling during the early 20th century.

Today there are approximately 30,000 to 40,000 humpbacks worldwide. Federal laws protect them, but there are things we can all do to help preserve this amazing animal for future whale watching generation.

* Keep beaches and waters clean and debris-free
* Participate only in responsible whale watching activities
* Support efforts to stop illegal whaling
* Support legislation, research and preservation programs
* Patronize eco-friendly companies and organizations

You can read books about whales, but with so many opportunities to see them up-close and personal, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start thinking now about your next Hawaii whale watching tour. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s a great experience for the whole family.

Hawaii Adventure Tour

Hawaii is one of the top destinations for tourists because it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Hawaii Scuba best Diving
Hawaii Scuba best Diving

It’s not only exotic, but the silky sand, turquoise waters, beautiful weather, and relaxing beaches are just some of the reasons why the islands of Hawaii are famous for vacations.

The islands of Hawaii such as Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, and Maui each offer a diversity of experiences that can make unforgettable memories for vacation lovers.

Here are some of great Hawaii Adventure Tour Vacation suggestions that you can add to your vacation:


Discover Hawaii Tours – Circle Island Tour with Pearl Harbor
This tour offers experiencing Pearl Harbor and exploring the highlights of the island, discovering stunning beaches, tropical rainforest, and volcanic craters.

A tour guide will provide historical narration on Pearl Harbor attack on the way to Pearl Harbor.

You will view a dramatic film containing actual footage of the attack of Pearl Harbor when you arrive at the Arizona Memorial Park, then boarding an official Navy boat going to Arizona Memorial.

The shrine room of the Memorial will be visited, and look through the fascinating Arizona Memorial Museum and gift shops for souvenirs. Then discover the island of Oahu, its volcanic craters, tropical rainforests, and amazing beaches.


Discover Hawaii Tours – Beach and Waterfall Adventure Hike
This Hawaii adventure tour will give you the exciting hike through flourishing rainforests into a hidden waterfall boogie board, or sunbathe at Hawaii’s wonderful beaches.

A guide will take you on a one mile narrated hike to an isolated ridge of the Kolau Mountain Range where you’ll see native and exotic plants learning about their uses in early Hawaii.

Try wild tropical fruits and get that feel of the mist of a charming waterfall. Catch the wave on turquoise waters as you boogie board on a quiet sugar white sandy beach.


Austin-Lehman Adventures – Kauai’s Hawaii Adventure Tour – The Garden Isle

This Hawaii adventure tour package lets you get to know the vivid colors of the Hawaiian reefs during snorkeling, sailing the Na Pali coast in a catamaran with dolphins, or cruise the mountains to the sea by mountain bike.

To top it all, a five nights stay at the luxurious beachside resort, Marriot Resort and Beach club, which provides an intricate garden, waterfalls right off the lobby, and a huge swimming pool of twenty six thousand square feet which is oceanfront on beautiful Kalapaki Bay.

Everything you’ll need is in this resort, from fine dining, to spa, golf, tennis, and other beach activities, plus Hawaiian cultural activities.

There are amazing beaches to see, places to go, and things to do in the beautiful island of Hawaii. So go ahead pack those bags and get that Hawaiian adventure tour vacations now.

Hawaii Vacation Packages: Your Buying Options

How does a vacation to Hawaii sound? If you are like many other individuals, you would think that it sounds great. As much as some would like to take a Hawaii trip, not everyone does.

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Hawaii Scuba best Diving

One of the reasons for that is the cost. Unfortunately, too many individuals, mistakenly, believe that a trip to Hawaii is financially out of their reach.

If you are interested in vacationing in Hawaii, at an affordable price, you can. You can easily do this by purchasing a Hawaii vacation package.

Hawaii vacation packages are packages that are designed to save you, as well as other vacationers, money. They commonly combine many of the services and accommodations that you will need on your trip.

For instance, many Hawaii vacation packages include overnight accommodations, airfare, and entertainment. Before you automatically decide that you cannot afford a Hawaiian vacation, you are advised to examine the Hawaii vacation packages that are available for purchase.

When it comes to buying or reviewing Hawaii vacation packages, you will find that you have a number of different options.

One of the most common ways that vacation packages are purchased is through travel agents. Travel agents are nice because they do most of the work for you.

If you would like to find an affordable Hawaii vacation package, but you just don’t have the time to do the research yourself, you are advised to contact a travel agent. There are also a number of different ways that you can go about finding a travel agent.

The type of travel agent that you choose should all depend on your personal preference. If you would like to meet face to face with your travel agent, it is advised that you find a local travel agent, one that has an office located near your home.

You can easily find a number of local travel agents by using your local phone book. In the back of your phone book, you should find numerous listings under the heading of travel agents or travel.

If you don’t mind not physically meeting with a travel agent, you may be able to find an online travel agent. An online travel agent will typically communicate with you over the phone or via email.

Although it is relatively easy to purchase a Hawaii vacation package through a travel agent, you may wish to make your own vacation plans. If this is the case, you will also have a number of different options.

Perhaps, the easiest way to find and buy your own Hawaii vacation package is by using the internet to find an online travel company. In a way, these online websites and companies are similar to travel agents, but they allow you to search for, find, and choose your own vacation packages.

You can find a number of these vacation package websites, including discount ones, by performing a standard internet search.

You may also be able to find and purchase your own Hawaii vacation package by directly contacting the hotel or resort that you would like to stay at.

While it is possible to find vacation packages that accompany Hawaii condos or Hawaii vacation rentals, most packages tend to include hotels or resorts. While it is not always common, you may be able to find a hotel or a resort that sets up their own vacation packages.

These packages may or may not include travel accommodations, but they will likely include some sources of entertainment, such as dinner or a guided boat tour.

Regardless of where you purchase a Hawaii vacation package from, it is important that you know what your money is going to.

Even if you rely on a travel agent to book your next Hawaiian vacation, it may be a good idea to personally review your itinerary, as well of the cost of it, before giving your final approval.

Knowing exactly what is or is not included in your Hawaii vacation package is the best way to save money, as well as enjoy yourself.

Remarkable Experience with Hawaii Scuba Diving

What’s with scuba diving?

Preservation of the Mother Nature is an advocacy. There is indeed a great destruction of the environment at present. You cannot just imagine the dead fishes that are found along the shore. Things are getting worse because of human deeds.

Aquatic resources should be nourished. It does not only add beauty to the surroundings but it is a source of living for people living in the rural areas. Giving concern to the environment is just caring for your fellowmen.

Every person should realize this reality. The world is indeed in chaos not only because of war and misunderstanding between races but because of the environmental destructions.

Scuba diving in Hawaii is an important activity for the people. Diving becomes famous in the place not because of its being a favorite leisure activity for the divers but because people there want to take part in the preservation of aquatic resources.

Hawaii is known for being one of the majestic focal points for scuba diving vacation. Majority of the vacationers prefer the scuba destinations in Hawaii because these are really well-preserved. You can find there the most beautiful aquatic resources.

In addition, Hawaii is also a safe place for scuba diving. The resorts provide for lifeguards that will guide their vacationers in their adventure underwater. They want to ensure that the vacationers will leave the place bringing wonderful and not tragic memories with them.

It is a great idea if you will not just have your scuba diving in Hawaii for a day or two. You can plan a vacation. When you are planning to have your scuba diving vacation in Hawaii, you have you have to ask yourselves first with the following questions:

• How many days are you going to spend your vacation?

• How much is your budget for the scuba diving vacation?

• Does the resort provide for emergency equipment if unavoidable accidents occur?

• Are you going to spend the vacation alone or with a group?

By trying to ponder on said questions, more or less you will gauge your capacity if you are really ready for scuba diving in Hawaii. You have to bear in mind that financial aspect plays a vital role in this activity.

Aside from becoming financially stable you should also be ready with all the necessary equipment that you need to bring.

Your adventure will be more fun if you will do it along with your friends. Make the most of it, with scuba diving in Hawaii you can enjoy a remarkable experience.

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