Celebrating your Birthday at Work

Celebrating your Birthday at Work

There are many ways to celebrate your birthday; however, most people usually dread the thought of having to spend their birthday actually working.

Even though many people celebrate their birthdays while they’re in the office or at work all the time, chances are that most of the time they’re wishing they were at home enjoying the occasion with their family and friends.

But if you absolutely can’t be home on your birthday or at least celebrate it in the way that you want, there are some great birthday ideas which you can bring to the office in order to celebrate your birthday and enjoy this,

“Happy Birthday To Me” day!

Birthday at Work Suggestion

#1: Liven up the place! If your workplace doesn’t have strict policies and regulations on what you can and can not wear then you may as well come dressed like it’s your birthday!

This doesn’t mean showing up in your actual “birthday suit,” but it does mean that you should wear whatever you want to show that it’s your birthday to all your coworkers!

For example, wearing a birthday hat and taking in one of those birthday blow-horns shouldn’t be out of the question.

If you are someone that doesn’t mind the attention and loves to receive “Happy Birthdays,” then these are some fun suggestions so that you can have more fun in your office with your coworkers.

Along with the party hat and birthday party blow-horns, one should also not let their coworkers feel left out in the process. Taking more than enough party hats and birthday party favors is a good idea to get everyone involved!

best Plan Great Birthday Party Games
Celebrating your Birthday at Work

Birthday at Work Suggestion

#2: Have your cake and eat it, too! There’s nothing that says that you can’t celebrate your birthday at work by bringing in a birthday cake.

If you know that you’ll be at the office for pretty much the whole day then you should definitely bring in a birthday cake so that you can share it with everyone and have a big piece of the cake by yourself!

Another suggestion that could go along with bringing in a birthday cake is to make up a birthday brunch, lunch, or some sort of potluck dinner at your office.

Of course, these things will probably need to be cleared with the big boss first, but they’re good ideas to celebrate and snack on some munchies if you’re in the office for the whole day of your birthday!

Of course, you could scrap all these ideas and suggestions about celebrating your birthday at work and just skip a day at the office to be home, relax, and spend time with your family and friends.

Your workplace may not look so kindly on this idea, but who wants to work on their birthday? If you absolutely have to, though, taking into account some of these suggestions would be the best ideas ever for celebrating your birthday in the office!

Homemade Birthday Cakes

Birthday plans are always a nice thing to think about, especially when it comes to your own birthday every year! There are plenty of

Have the best surprise birthday
Have the best surprise birthday

popular birthday traditions to consider and many people use the traditional birthday cake and ice cream as the dessert of their choice.

However, more often than not many people simply decide to purchase a birthday cake at a local grocery store, possibly with a birthday message written on the top.

It is safe to say that this is the way that over half of all birthdays are celebrated. There definitely needs to be a birthday cake revolution,

though, because homemade birthday cakes are a great way not only to give a gift to someone, but to also celebrate your own birthday!

It’s all in the Technique!

Homemade birthday cakes are definitely the yummiest birthday cakes on the planet and there are literally an unlimited number of ways in which one can go about making their own birthday cake.

However, the simplest way to do so is to use a simple recipe that consists of sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, and milk.

Many people who make homemade birthday cakes do so without a recipe, but for first-timers it may be necessary to actually have a recipe in front of you.

It really is all in the technique, though, and how much of each ingredient you use in your birthday cake! But this is definitely the most easy way to bake a birthday cake for yourself or someone else.

Add some sprinkles, chocolate, or other sweet ingredient!

One way to spice up your birthday cake is to throw in some other ingredient which you like. This can range anything from chocolate chips to sprinkles and even cinnamon.

As mentioned, there are literally millions of ways to arrange your birthday cake. If you are going to add cinnamon or sprinkles to your cake,

though, one of the best things to do would be to search in several cookbooks for the type of birthday cake that you’re looking to bake! Experimenting, though, always works and is a great way to get baking experience!

Give Away Your Cakes!

An interesting thing to do with your homemade birthday cake is to give it away to your friend or family who’s having their birthday!

You can bake the birthday cake in a small pan so that it can be like a personalized birthday cake or you could choose to make cupcakes out of the batter that you make.

Either way, both of these gift ideas are great if you’re looking for an inexpensive but creative way to give a birthday gift to your friends or family.

If you want to try something different rather than buying a birthday cake at the local grocery store, choosing to go homemade is the best thing that you can do!

Not only do homemade birthday cakes taste so good, but they also have that flavor and pride inside because you put your hard work and dedication right into it!

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