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Best New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians Taking inspiration from the legends of comedy, these famous current comedians are gradually shaping their career to be another comic hero.

Most of the famous current comedians began their career as stand-up comedians in comedy venues with audiences who were patient enough to listen to amateur comic performers in dire efforts to make them laugh.


Of course, their patience have been paid off, having some of those they watch perform currently star in several box office films.


Jim Carrey’s a physical comic, with flexibility and wild antics depicting that of a younger Jerry Lewis. He used to be a stand-up comedian doing routines in comedy clubs with routines mostly impersonations of celebrities like Michael Landon and Jimmy Stewart.


He moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and performed in the Comedy Store, where comedian Rodney Dangerfield noticed him and liked his act so much that he signed Jim to tour with him.


Pauly Shore has a naïve persona resembling a goofy teenager portraying much of the American youth culture. His parents founded The Comedy Shore – a comedy club in Los Angeles.

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians
New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians

In spite of his stature, Pauly worked to make himself recognized in the comedy circuit. His first break was as an MTV host from 1989 – 1994.


He starred in four films with characters resembling much of his MTV persona. Still, he managed to keep himself at beat with the going-on in comedy by appearing in television shows.


Adam Sandler, another fresh face and one of the most famous current comedians, also took the same path of most comic heroes today – stand-up comedy in Boston.

Adam’s exposure on Saturday Night Live gave him a mass following which subsequently resulted in his blockbuster films.


One of the most famous current comedians, Dave Chappelle has played supporting roles for comedy superstars including Martin Lawrence in the film Blue Streak.


It was Whoopi Goldberg herself who saw the potential of Dave during one of his stand-up routines in comedy clubs on the East Coast.


Chris Farley also started his career on the television series Saturday Night Live, which seems to be a launch pad for aspiring comedians who are among the famous current comedians – a dream come true for Chris.


Chris Farley is the star behind Tommy Boy (1995) and Black Sheep (1996). Amidst trying to reach the zenith of his career, Farley was also struggled against alcoholism, obesity, and drug addiction for years.


On December 18, 1997, he was found dead in his Chicago apartment with autopsy results showing a drug overdose with coronary arteriosclerosis as a factor.


You’re a die-hard Mr. Bean fan. You don’t know why, but the mere sight of the guy makes you laugh more than your boyfriend’s best jokes.

And in case he hasn’t noticed, you have the same affinity for the likes of Jay Leno, Rob Schneider, and Jim Carrey. Before you throw your boyfriend out of the door, give him the chance to be the clown that you want him to be.


The corner of Merrick Road and Bellmore Avenue in New York is home to a great place known as the Brokerage Comedy Club.


This is not your typical comedy bar. Sure, as with the rest, Brokerage Comedy Club offers shows featuring stand-up comedians as well, but the possibilities here are endless. Aside from being a comedy bar,

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians
New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians

Brokerage Comedy club can also turn a night of laughter and dance into a laidback and relaxing evening on the next visit.


This is possible because the Brokerage Comedy Club saves one Wednesday night every month for the best live acoustic musicians’ performance.


This is a good breather from laughing your head off all the time. Soft jazz, folk, and other slow music would compliment the intimate and cozy atmosphere of the Brokerage Comedy Club.

Another great thing about the place is the opportunity they give everyone to someday perform on the stage.. Whether you want to show off your latest acting skill, present your original comedy piece, or simply have a feel of what’s it like to be onstage,


then the Thursday night Improv Class is the answer to your 30-seonds-of-fame prayer. The classes, which happens from 6 p.m.


to 8 p.m., stress on the students’ commitment, listening skills, spontaneity, and their ability to get along well with other people.


There are “games” which are designed to help the students to think and obtain the level of creativity that they never thought possible. And then you’re off to performing onstage at the Brokerage Comedy Club before a real live audience.


And who said Brokerage Comedy Club was strictly for adults only? You can actually make your kid’s birthday different from everyone else’s. Brokerage Comedy Club offers private comedy parties not just for adults, but for children as well.


They have kids’ show featuring balloon acts, comedy classes, clowns, face paintings, magic shows, and ventriloquists.


The adult private parties get a totally different kind of show of course. And if the moms and dads get to splurge on beer and wine in their parties, the children will have their share of pizza and soda in theirs too.


The Brokerage Comedy Club does not only let you sit back and laugh your heart out. It sends out an invitation to be the person that you might want to be. It’s a good place to discover your potentials and to live them.

Know More About Comedy Movie

What is comedy movie?

Comedy is a kind of movie that drawing audiences’ laugh. It is usually has very slight degree of drama and story focused.

The comedy story generally telling about unrealistic or supernatural situation and insert plenty of joke scene and characters into the movie. Comedies find the deficiencies, foibles, and frustrations of living,


providing fun and a short run from regular living. Also most of comedies have generally have happy endings story , although the fun may have a good or negative aspect.


In June 2000, the American Movie Institute (AFI) has identified America’s 100 Which judged by many of comedy movie producer all over the country,


which consist of “panel” of more than 1, 000 of the comedy– related American movie profession including directors, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters, editors, and critics.

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians
New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians

Now many sites and comedy movie books are trying hard to collect listings of the funniest scenes or funniest comedy movies in movie story.


Again, in June, 2000, the American Movie Institute has launched the scheme namely Top 100 Funniest Movies of the Century in their multi-part series of tributes — 100 Years. 100 Laughs.


Types of comedy movies

1. Black or Dark Comedy

These are blue, biting, funny, or sarcastic stories that assist us analyze whether we should ignored darker serious or bearish subjects such as warfare, death, or sickness.


This kind of comedy was better exemplified by the expression-less cheek of unemotional humorous champion Buster Keaton.

3. Screwball

Screwball comedies, a sub-genre of amorous comedy movie, was predominant from the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s. The language ‘screwball’ denotes craziness, lunacy, eccentricity, ridiculousness, and unreliable conduct.


Screwball comedies were first launched around mid-1930s, and maked their job after the coming of movie phone and the cultural disturbances of the Depression.


This style of comedy provided by another new age of writers and directors who start to offered escapist amusement for Depression-era audiences through some of the 30s and into the 40s – particularly after the rigid enforcement of the Hays Code took event.


Screwball comedies were marked by cultural irony, comedic backup through zany, fast and other events, lot gags, sarcasm, screwy game twists or identification reversals, and precisely-timed, fast verbal dueling and witty biting dialog – going the goofy with the advanced.


4. Parody or Spoof – also Satire, Lampoon and Farce

These types of comedy also called put-ons, send-ups, charades, lampoons, take-offs, jests, mockumentaries, etc.) are usually a strange or anarchic take-off that ridicules,


impersonates, punctures, scoffs at, and/or imitates (mimics) the way, conventions, formulas, characters (by caricature), or motifs of a bad business, movie and performer.


5. Slapstick Slapstick


was predominant in the early silent movies, since they didn’t want the sounds from the movie to be good, At first introduced, Lapstick were common and well know among non-English speech audiences in metropolitan areas.


The condition slapstick was taken from the wooden sticks that clowns slapped jointly to further interview clapping.



This form of comedy was best exemplified by the expression-less face of stoic comic hero.

Comedian Ron White

Comedian Ron White is a cigar smoker and a scotch-drinking man. Don’t fret. There’s more to know in Ron White than being a “Tater Salad”.

As a boy, comedian Ron White had always been a storyteller. He grew up in a small town in mid-Texas and made a living out of selling windows in Arlington.


But his stand-up acts made him a star in his own right making huge successes in comedy tours like the “Blue Collar Comedy“, which was a phenomenon.


Not only that, comedian Ron White also is a writer (that’s right!). His book was launched in June 2006, and he has a one-hour special on Comedy Central. What more could you ask from this man?


It’s simply a hilarious combination of a writer, songwriter, and comic. Starting in January 2000 to March 2003, White teamed up with Jeff Foxworthy,


Bill Engvall and Larry “the Cable Guy” to perform in the highly-rated the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”. It was a sold out show that entertained audiences in more than 90 cities and earned over $15 million.


Catching up to the fever, Warner Brothers filmed the tour and later released the movie version as a major motion picture in March 2003. The “Blue Collar Comedy Tour:

The Movie” later premiered on Comedy Central, which became the highest rated movie in Comedy Central’s history.


In November 2003, comedian Ron White released his first solo comedy album titled “Drunk in Public”. From February 2004


this album managed to stay in the Top 10 of the Billboard Comedy charts and sold more than 450,000 copies. His “Drunk in Public” tour was among the top 50 in Pollstar


Magazine and ranked 63rd in 2005. Happening also in 2005 was the release of his first one-hour comedy special “They Call Me Tater Salad” earned the highest rated Sunday show in the history of Comedy Central.


Its DVD version was a certified multi-platinum selling up to 1.3 million copies.

Comedian Ron White’s most current one-hour special, and his second to date, “You Can’t Fix Stupid” was actually shot at the Majestic Theater in Dallas,


Texas, in January 2006. The special was watched by over 4.5 million viewers making it the third largest audience in the history


of Comedy Central. A follow-up CD bearing the same title was released on February 7, 2006 under Image Entertainment and made the 14th slot on its first week on Billboard’s Top 200.


It also ranked number one for the last nine weeks on the Billboard Comedy Charts.

Comedy Film Festivals

Summary: Funny films could never be even better, all that because of the recognition they vie on the Comedy Film Festivals

Comedy when enjoyed in a communal circumstance can be the best experience. Such were the words of wisdom according to the gospel by the WCFF. So what could be an even better communal circumstance than comedy film festivals?


Comedy films have always been evolving, and comedic ingredients have been in a constant flux but the outcome is always the same:


we laugh hard. ROFLOL. Just as we laughed at the Three Stooges who seemed very funny yesterday with its grainy slapstick humor as we laugh today at The MASK with its eye boggling jaw splitting special effects humor.


Comedy films could never be even better, all that because of the recognition they all vie on the Comedy Film Festivals. That’s why comedy films have been in constant flux,


ever evolving to come up with the recent formula of laughter to showcase to the crowds gathered at the annual comedy film festivals.


The World of Comedy Film Festival (WCFF) is one reason why comedy films strive for excellence. The WCFF provides comedy filmmakers a chance to showcase promising works to the laughter expectant crowd of the annual World of Comedy Film Festival on Toronto Canada.

The WCFF is being presented by The Humor Group (THG), an independent non profit organization. To visit them, log on to


Over the Fence International Comedy Film Festivals at is an Australian event organized by Voces Arts Networking Group solely for non profit.


This festival encourages the growth of funny bones on Australians. Aussie culture and humor depicted on films whether independent or not can make it to the Over the Fence Comedy Film Festivals where it can receive due recognition.


For 10 years, OTF have arduously build a reputation as a unique, entertaining, and exciting event and now it is considered Australia’s national comedy film festival.


OFT is celebrated annually, which is quite different from other comedy film festivals that take place in a more frequent timetable.


The Melbourne International Comedy Festival a great way to witness Comedy Film Festivals in its workings. It features short independent films in a free big screen at Federation Square.

So if you’re near the vicinity, check it out for a few good laughs. Log on to for more info about upcoming events.


Like the 1st Sundays Comedy Film Festivals at which as the name implies takes place every 1st Sundays of the month.


1st Sundays Comedy Film Festivals cater more on short comedy films and spoofs.


Throughout the ages comedy films have made everything it touches better. It makes suffering lighter, sickness tolerable, and despair a painless suffering.


That’s why it’s beyond doubt that comedy films did earn that special place in the limelight of cinematography.

Comedy Podcasts

Many podcasts are available to subscribe to and watch in a variety of genres, and one of these is the comedy podcast.

Every small scale wannabe writer has a chance to become a comedian through podcasting, since the
low entry cost allows people to start podcasting with minimum effort and money. To find some of these
comedy podcasters, check a podcast directory.


A podcast directory is a listing of many, sometimes
several thousands, of podcasts submitted and divided
into categories.


A podcast directory will probably have a large number of comedy podcasts available to
subscribe to.


These comedy podcasts are usually created by a small
team of people who do the work in their free time, as ahobby, not as a source of income. Because it is a hobby,
they’re more willing to give the work away for free,

for nothing more than recognition, probably in the hopes
they can parlay that recognition into a more mainstream  job. Some more corporate groups also put together
comedy podcasts, however.


The satirical comedy web
site puts out a regular comedy podcast, featuring readings from their fake news site.

Placing a comedy podcast on the Internet has several advantages for the creators. They get to showcase their
work, easily distributing their art to many people.

This following is likely to be be unusually passionate, following the artist with more enthusiasm than the
artist’s average audience.


The comedian has a chance to be more open with the audience, engaging in a sort of dialogue with them.


The comedian broadcasts the files,
which enter the computer of the user, already a more personal level than simply hearing the jokester on the radio or on television.

Compedy podcast subscribers will often then write back to the podcaster, or leave comments on the blog which often accompanies a podcast site.


This can give them a degree of input and connection with the writers of the comedy podcast that is far removed from other styles of comedy distribution.

The writers and producers of a comedy podcast thus benefit from several advantages of the podcast form. It
is cheap and easy to set up, and uses a distribution mechanism that is also easy to use.


The way the podcast form is designed, as well, creates greater connection between the producer and the subscribers.


The comedy writer has a greater ability to interact with the subscribers and to find out what they appreciate or do

Because podcasting is so simple to get involved in,requiring only a small investment to get started, many
amateur comedy writers have begun starting their own shows and distributing the feed.


It is likely, because of the unique connection podcasting offers between writer and listener, that we will see at least some of these

amateur comedians make the leap to the professional stage.

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