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Blue Collar Comedy Tour (DVD) Best Review 1

Blue Collar Comedy Tour (DVD) Review

Amongst all the funnies offered today, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour rates number one in the “should see” classification.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour showcases 4 stand-up comics of such capacity. If you’re unknown with this man’s regular, you require to select up a duplicate of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD simply for him alone (or for that issue – any of these comics warrant an unabridged DVD by themselves).

Foxworthy begins off with a typical regimen that’s actually amusing (this component of his job has actually been commonly ignored), however after that he normally relocates right into the component of the regular that individuals enjoy to listen to – the hillbilly jokes.

My fave of the entire Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD is his line “If a beaver attacks off your nipple area, you could be a hillbilly”. Based on a real tale, you just have to enjoy Blue Collar Comedy Tour in order to recognize simply exactly how funny that one is …

But the however part craziest component Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD scenic tour when all the comics are finished with ended up individual routines private regimens as well as together collect with each other to phase personal inform individual tales audience.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour
Blue Collar Comedy Tour

With a host of gifted funnymen, heaven Collar Comedy Tour DVD is grade-A home entertainment. Specific to be a long-lasting standard for many years to find, this is one funny movie you do not intend to miss out on …

Amongst all the funnies offered today, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour places number one in the “has to see” group. Blue Collar Comedy Tour showcases 4 stand-up comics of such capability.

If you’re unknown with this individual’s regular, you require to select up a duplicate of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD simply for him alone (or for that issue – any of these comics warrant an unabridged DVD by themselves).

My fave of the entire Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD is his line “If a beaver attacks off your nipple area, you could be a hillbilly”. Based on a real tale, you just have to see Blue Collar Comedy Tour in order to comprehend simply exactly how amusing that one is …

But the however part craziest component Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD trip when all the comics are finished with ended up individual routines specific regimens and also together collect with each other to phase personal inform individual tales audience.

Comedian Ron White ‘BlueCollar’ ‘Tater Salad’

“Tater Salad” is a ‘bluecollar comedian’. Ron White has established himself as a star in his own right. Probably best known because of his all-black outfit and his cigar

-smoking and scotch-drinking, comedian Ron White has a new album coming as well as a one-hour special on Comedy Central – and – an autobiographical book.

The ‘BlueCollar Comedian’ Ron White has performed with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engyall, and Larry the Cable Guy, in the $15-million grosser and critically-acclaimed 2000-2003 tour called the “BlueCollar Comedy Tour”.

After the success of the Warner Bros.-filmed tour, the tour’s movie-version also became a hit in theaters followed by another hit premier on Comedy Central.

On TV, the Tater Salad’s BlueCollar Comedy Tour became the highest-rated film in the long history of the Comedy Central channel. That is just the beginning for Ron.

Comedian Ron White ‘Blue-Collar’ ‘Tater Salad’
Comedian Ron White ‘Blue-Collar’ ‘Tater Salad’

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From being a boy who grew up in Texas oil-country and a lad who sold windows in Arlington for a living, comedian Ron White carried his storyteller-character to perform as a headlining comedian in various venues across the US.

However Tater Salad came from a very small start. He was a struggling comedian bouncing around comedy clubs and gigs driving his beat-up Nissan pickup. He was raised by his grandmother,

had a serious drug problem after his Vietnam War, got clean and then spoke publicly in high schools against drug abuse. Now he is a ‘bluecollar comedy’ icon.

November of 2003, Ron White released his solo comedy debut album “Drunk In Public”. Although the album’s title is an allusion to his DUI and public drunkenness incidences, it showcased the insightful and hilarious, razor-sharp or blunt comedian Ron White.

It gave him some head-on in the Billboards Comedy Charts Top 10 since 2004. The album was also ranked in the 2004 PollStar Magazine’s Top 50’s and has sold a number of 450,000 copies and over.

That year also gave him another high-rated Comedy Central with his They Call Me Tater Salad (from his navy-days), Ron White’s first one-hour comedy special that also became a certified multi-platinum DVD.

Meanwhile Ron White’s WB-Network Las Vegas comedy special The Ron White Show aired with 4-million viewers helping the show.

His most-current second Comedy Central one-hour special You Can’t Fix Stupid (2006-filmed in Majestic Theater back in Texas) aired with 4.5-million viewers giving him the title for the 3rd largest audience for Comedy Central and

#1 prime-time show on basic cable. Its CD version was released a month later premiering at

#14 on the Billboards Top-200 and then ranking

#1on the Billboards Comedy Charts. Comedian Ron White also had TV-appearances for The Late Show With David Letterman and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno although he says in his performance that he doesn’t have the work ethic for TV.

He is the only ‘bluecollar’ crew not to star in the Blue Collar TV series though he has made seven guest-appearances on the show.

June 2006 marks the Penguin books release of Matthew Shultz illustrated Ron ‘Tater Salad’ White: I Had the Right to Remain Silent…But I Didn’t Have the Ability.

He’s to reunite with the Blue Collar Boys for BlueCollar Comedy Tour: One For The Road. The guy still drinks the $100-per-bottle Blue Label – “drunken by people that are going to die penniless.”

Hard Work Pays Off: The Life of Comedian Katt Williams

Being a comedian is not an easy job. It requires an immense amount of skill, creativity, persistence, confidence, and an all-around strong character to be able to pull it off.

And pulling-off a comedian career does not necessarily mean that you become a hugely successful comedian. Yet among the hundreds,

probably even thousands of comedians emerging all over the world, there is always a success story. And the term “success story” is most definitely embodied by the comedian Katt Williams.

Born Katt Micah Williams on September 2, 1975 in Ohio, comedian Katt Williams knew what he wanted at an early age.

It has been noted by Katt himself that he told his parents of wanting to emulate his comedic idols Bill Cosby, Darnell Allen, and Richard Pryor.

At his age at the time, it was a laughable statement but the now famous comedian Katt Williams proved just how serious he was by emancipating himself from his parents at the age of 13, taking only his dog with him to Florida.

Fame and fortune didn’t come quick for comedian Katt Williams as he worked as a street vendor after getting to Florida.

But it was his time on the streets as a teenager that he honed his craft and made his way around the stand-up circuits of several states – Florida, Louisiana and California to name a few.

Comedian Katt Williams’ big break came in the form of winning a “best of” contest in California. This win propelled him to landing several roles in music videos, spots on stand-up comedy shows and roles in sitcoms.

But the comedian’s work doesn’t stop at being a comic. He has collaborated with several rappers, most notably, The Game, and has recently been signed for a record deal under Warner Music.

But just like anyone who achieves any form of success, comedian Katt Williams is not immune to having criticisms, accusations, and troubles. He has been accused of being in cohorts with a group that gets a hold of yet to be released albums and then leaking it to the internet.

One of his more recent troubles however, came in the form of an arrest at an airport for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon. Being the true comedian that he is, this didn’t affect his performance as he hosted the first ever BET Hip-hop Awards.

Whether you like his work or not, you can’t deny that comedian Katt Williams is testament to the saying that hard work does pay off.

It paid off so well for him that no amount of trouble or controversy is able to make him swerve away from a career that he has wanted and has worked hard for since his childhood.

Actor-Musician-Comedian Stephen Lynch

Comedian Stephen Lynch is an American musician turned comedian for his raunchy and clever comic lyrics. Stephen Lynch is also more of an actor than a comedian.

He graduated in 1993 at the Western Michigan University with a B.A. in Drama and is a Tony Award nominated actor. Famous comedian?

Comedian Stephen Lynch considers himself as a musician first and a comedian only second. His childhood inspirations are songwriters/singers Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell.

However when he saw the ‘mochumentary’ This is Spinal Tap, it became a great inspiration for him in leading his musician career-path with a little bit of humor.

Still, when he moved to New York in 1996 his intention was to become an actor. Where again did the comic came in?

– When his friend from the West Bank Café suggested that he play some of the comic songs he had written giving him the start of his success in comedy clubs and other hang-out venues (including Catch a Rising Star and Caroline’s) while becoming a regular on radio-shows like Opie and Anthony.

Comedian Stephen Lynch said that he also had a “totally mindless work” in copy shops and banks of New York. Finally Stephen Lynch decided to quit these temporary jobs for a more serious turn

– getting a national exposure as a comedian in Comedy Central Presents in 2000 and signing with the famed William Morris Agency in 2001.

And although he said he hated the comedy-club-crowd, comedian Stephen Lynch didn’t stop finding his comedy-crowd touring colleges, universities, and nightclubs around the country. By then he also satisfied his love-of-the-stage by doing summer stock back in Michigan.

He was juggling his music and comedy career and he was good at it. Musician-Comedian Stephen Lynch has become famous, and he had an edge among other comedians as he had the music genre audience as well – House of Blues,

The Town Hall and the Kennedy Center, also short-films The Love Seat and the Confetti Brothers, and then appearances on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend,

The World Comedy Tour, the World Stands-Up, Last Call With Carson Daly, and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, then a long-running success tour with Mitch Hedberg’s last show.

He has one original Broadway cast-album The Wedding Singer (based on the movie) released in June 6, 2006 earning him role-performance nominations for Drama League, Drama Desk, and the coveted Tony Awards, and he has produced 7 other albums namely Live at XM Studios,

The Craig Machine, Live at the El Rey, Superhero, A Little Bit Special, his original demo-tape Half A Man, and compilation album Cleanest Hits. Comedian Stephen Lynch is also voted by an Atlanta columnist as one of America’s sexiest men.

Comedian Peter Kay

English comedian Peter Kay, a disciple of Chris Morris, is the entertainer who built comedy around social realist grounds turning it into documentary style.

He took influence from music hall and surreal performances, which he got, from Vic and Bob. Peter was born on July 2, 1973 in Bolton, Lancashire.

His comedy became well known after he joined and won in the So You Think You’re Funny contest in 1997. After which, he presented this hour-long stint at the Edinburgh Fringe where he got his nomination for the Perrier Award.

Things seemed to roll smoothly for comedian Peter Kay. He immediately starred in several one-off episode TV series including The Services of the Comedy Lab, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere (2004), and the spoof-documentary series That Peter Kay Thing (2000).

In the two-episode series Phoenix Nights (2001-2002), Peter played three characters: a bouncer Max, a fire officer Keith Lard, and a club owner bound on a wheelchair Brian Potter.

The series ”That Peter Kay Thing” was inspired by the several jobs he took after getting out of high school. Comedian Peter Kay’s first interview was in Granada Television, in which he listed what can be found in his room and the details of his acquaintance with Jimmy Savile. These were later used the said series, in his role Leonard De-Thompkinson.

He discovered his talent in stand up comedy upon the prodding of his family as well as experimenting on it while he was working as a cinema usher.

Comedian Peter Kay unrelentingly joined many local events and presentations at the Comedy Store in Manchester. He blatantly states he pursued comedy partly to clear debt.

The Observer ranked comedian Peter Kay among the Top 50 funniest acts in British comedy in 2003. Two years later, fellow comedians and insiders of

The Comedian‘s Comedian voted him among the top 50 greatest comedy acts of all time. In March 2005, a survey of 10,000 people by the Jongleurs comedy club placed Peter at the top among British favorite comedian.

Gifted in comedy and a kind heart, comedian Peter Kay pushed for the comeback release of 1971 hit “Is This The Way To Amarillo” by

Tony Christie, as a charity work for Comic Relief. On April 18, 2006, Channel 4 broadcast a “Peter Kay Night”, takes from Phoenix Nights, a documentary of behind the scenes titled “Mum Wants a Bungalow tour, and the entire “Peter Kay Live in Manchester”.

Peter Kay’s childhood ambition was to become a bin man.

Clean Brian Regan Comedian

Brian Regan the comedian was born as Brian Joseph Regan (not Brian Patrick Regan, the US Air Force intelligence officer convicted of attempted espionage).

He is an all-American stand up comedian known for his talent in the late 80’s – known most especially to religious groups such as the Latter- Day Saints or the ‘Mormons’. That’s because Brian Regan the comedian is categorized in the ‘clean comedy’ genre.

You can just browse some of the known internet sites on famous quotations by known persona and find how ‘clean’ yet funny, Brian Regan is.

Or you can just start your research on Brian Regan comedian with the kinds of shows he was involved in. More likely you will conclude that the Brian Regan comedian name is almost synonymous with the clean named Comedy Central shows such as Opie and Anthony,

Dennis Miller Live (who called Brian Regan his favorite comedian), and the publicly acknowledged shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Conan O’ Brien.

He has made numerous guestings in all these shows so that makes him one of the most general audience acceptable and famous comedians in the entertainment industry.

However Brian Regan comedian is most known for his appearances in Dr. Katz –Professional Therapist and the Comedy Central Presents show the Short Attention

Span Theater, where he had a very notable role being an early host of the show and with his brother Dennis Regan also in the show to do one or two duo stand up acts.

These are also where you should look at if you want to know what Brian Regan comedian really is all about.

Although Brian Regan was recently know to have been into a failed partnership with sitcom developer Bill Lawrence in the creation of ‘Scrubs’, we must not forget that he once opened for and toured frequently with Jerry Seinfeld, one of the top comedians of America.

And although it has been reported that the scripts that he wrote for the show had been passed off by all of the networks, Brian Regan comedian is among the comedians who had once a humble beginning climbing up gently in the ladder of fame.

From Heidelberg College Ohio football team to his school’s Communication and Theater Arts Department, he worked his way in a small comedy club in Ft.

Lauderdale Florida, and won a radio contest’s $10,000 prize for being the “Funniest Person in new York City” for his relatively clean observational humor.

Brian self-released a DVD of his performance at Irvine Improv entitled “I Walk on the Moon” following his one-CD 1997 “Brian Regan Live”.

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