Allow’s Associate With Funny Stuff

Allow’s Associate With Funny Stuff

Allow’s Associate With Funny Stuff Both major expressions in funny writing are: “what happens if” as well as “anything goes”.


They are drivers for producing amusing suggestions.

“What if” obstacles your creativity and also “anything goes” takes you past your creative imagination. With the mix of these 2 essential energizers, you will eventually produce an amusing suggestion.

Allow's Associate With Funny Stuff
Allow’s Associate With Funny Stuff

Currently allow’s take an appearance at the believing procedure behind the development of an amusing suggestion.


Using the 2 vital expressions “what if” and also “anything goes”, indicates allowing your mind run cost-free as well as wild. Allow arbitrary photos, memories or ideas mix, integrate or couple them up, till you locate a possible amusing concept.

You link ideas or photos from various resources. This organization procedure might seem disordered. Really it is well focussed as well as heading in the direction of the supreme outcome; an amusing concept!


Organization is the crucial to lots of possible amusing concepts. Instead than resting down encountering a vacant sheet of paper, allow your ideas stray … and also begin from there. Allow your trip of creativity rise … as well as I am certain you’ll come down with an actual amusing concept!

Allow's Associate With Funny Stuff
Allow’s Associate With Funny Stuff

Currently allow’s take an appearance at the assuming procedure behind the production of an amusing suggestion. Allow arbitrary pictures, memories or ideas mix, incorporate or match them up, up until you locate a prospective amusing concept.


Organization is the vital to lots of possible amusing suggestions. Allow your trip of creativity skyrocket … and also I am certain you’ll come down with an actual amusing concept!

World Of Warcraft Funny

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Because it is so addictive, the WOW community has now reached an unbelievable 8 million players.

You start the game by choosing one of the two sides available: The Horde or The Alliance. After that you have to create you character selecting from 5 races for each side.

The Horde has Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead and Blood Elfs, while The Alliance has Humans, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Night Elfs and Draenei.

After this step you choose a name, a class and you customize the look of the character to suit your taste after which you are ready to play.

The whole idea of the game is to develop that character, from the Level 1 you start with, all the way to level 70. You complete quests and receive experience which help you achieve higher levels.

The character also has to choose two professions that will help him make gold he can spend on armors, potions, weapons or training.

This is where the fun really begins. As the characters grows and becomes more powerful, PVP, which means “player vs player” comes into action.

What this means is that Horde players and Alliance players enter in direct combat every time they encounter in the world of Azeroth. Players who are on the same side can also duel between themselves if they want to.

The game becomes real fun when the character has grown enough to take part in battlegrounds, where Horde teams battle Alliance teams, the prize being honor and marks of honor which can be spent for great in game prizes.

For some time now, World of Warcraft has stopped being just a game, and has become a way of life for many. People now have fun with World Of Warcraft even when not in game, by watching World of Warcraft Funny Videos online.

Those Men on Tiny Motorcycles and the Funny Hats

On the children’s cartoon, The Flintstones, Fred and Barney belong to a fraternal organization that takes up quite a bit of their time.

It is called the Loyal Order of the Buffalo and their leader is the Grand Poobah. This is a funny reference to several important organizations that make a genuine contribution to the community through their many philanthropic and community service efforts.

In almost every small town and big city in America there are a number of men’s fraternal organizations that gather together routinely, just like the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo did on The Flintstones.

Now we won’t say that some of the things the men who gather in these groups do is not as fun and light hearted as it depicted on The Flintstones.

These organizations which include The Lions Club, The Rotary Club, The Scottish Rite, The Knights of Columbus, The Kiwanis and the Shiners go

back many generations in our culture and provide valuable networking opportunities for men in every community they serve.

There is some secrecy that goes on with these fraternal organizations but that secrecy is not insidious as some have suggested.

The charters of these organizations are universally benevolent and dedicated to three important principles. Those are

(1) fellowship for men to network with each other and gather to discuss community issues

(2) fun that is wholesome and provides a venue where men can enjoy each other’s company in an acceptable manner and

(3) community service.

It is that last core value that we in the community see the most often when these fraternal organizations mobilize to take on an important need in the community.

Because these organizations are often populated by business leaders, religious clergy and influential men of all walks of life, when they put their minds to get something done for the community,

they have the leadership, the resources, the money, the talent and the self will to get things done. It is in the area of community service that these fraternal organizations are the most valuable to any community.

None are more recognizable as the Shiners. The Shiners of North America are well known because of the famous Shrine Circus that makes its way around the country each year.

Many children can remember going to their first Shrine Circus parade and seeing those men come charging down the street on those tiny little motorcycles or in tiny little cars all wearing that tall red hat, called a “fez” which is part of the uniform of a Shrine.

This sense of fun and their desire to bring joy and laughter to families is one of the reasons the Shiners are such a beloved organization in our communities.

This circus is almost as famous as the Ringling Brother’s circus and it holds special meaning for a lot of families.

That is because this is just one dozens of ways the Shiners raise money for their biggest community service project of them all. In fact the community service the Shiners do has been called the World’s Greatest Philanthropy.

That is because this fraternal organization has built and continues to operate 22 hospitals for children all over the country.

The stories of miracles that have been done to save the lives of children in the Shiners children’s hospitals are numerous.

These wonderful hospitals offer care for children with life threatening diseases to whom they provide the finest of medical care.

Even more amazing is that children who receive care at these hospitals are never required to be associated with the Shrine organization and many times the care they receive is given to them free of charge.

It is heartwarming to see the good the Shiners of North America do each year as they hold parades, trips, dances, dinners, sporting events and that wonderful circus to raise money for their hospitals for children.

It is amazing what a bunch of men on tiny motorcycles and wearing funny hats can do when they put their minds to it. 677

Hidden Video Cameras And Your Funny Bones

Your funny bones and hidden video cameras have two things in common. The first is you, the second is humor.

Hidden video cameras have the ugly reputation of being tools for voyeurism and inveterate government meddling.

What we fail to realize, however, is that hidden video cameras can be very entertaining, too. They make us snort in amusement or guffaw with wild abandon. How is this possible?

Hidden video cameras are a big thing in the entertainment industry. Reality TV and gag shows utilize hidden video cameras. In fact, these are aimed on just about anyone and anything to record private moments or show outrageous antics.

A Video a Day Keeps Audiences Laughing

Who doesn’t know the shows Big Brother and Just for Laughs? These two are highly rated shows. They have a solid fan base and an ever increasing following.

This is impressive because both shows do not rely on celebrity actors to provide the media mileage or the mass appeal. In fact, the two shows feature ordinary people going about mundane tasks.

Big Brother is a classic experiment in social interaction. Carefully screened volunteers are made to live together in one house.

This task may seem easy at first; but as the days progress, viewers like yourself will quickly realize just how daunting it is to stay sane inside a fishbowl.

Yes, living in Big Brother’s house is akin to living in a fishbowl. There are cameras everywhere, and their presence puts additional strain on housemates.

After all, on top of performing tasks from Big Brother, these housemates also have to endure each other’s company for a specified period of time.

The show gets interesting as hidden video cameras chronicle what the housemates ate for breakfast and who is slandering whom. Clashes of personalities emerge.

People fall in love quickly, and then just as quickly, they fall out. Housemates argue. Some deal with personal issues. Others hold crying sessions or go on journeys of self-discovery.

Naturally, all this drama takes place under the watchful lens of hidden video cameras. Viewers can monitor the show’s progress through life video feed from hidden video cameras placed all over the Big Brother house.

Now what about Just for Laughs? Like Big Brother, it is a social experiment and a running commentary on contemporary times. Just for Laughs is a gag show that features ordinary people going about their own business.

After being targeted by the show’s actors, they are then engaged in a situation that is sure to raise their eyebrows, if not their voices or their fists.

Not surprisingly, Just for Laughs quickly became a very popular show. Footages are usually recorded by hidden video cameras.

Life as a TV Show

The possibility of living under the glare of the lens was explored in depth in the movie, the Truman Show. Jim Carrey plays Truman Burbank.

The movie is sad and amusing at the same time. It leaves audiences with the painful reminder that people, even those we call our friends, will not always be moved by our tragedies, whether these are big or small.

Clearly, it pays to have hidden video cameras ready. With one in your home, you can kick your feet up and pretend you’re king of a vacation home in the Spanish Reviera.

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