best Important Birthday Milestones

best Important Birthday Milestones

Unless you are a total downer then you are probably among the billions of people who celebrate their birthday every year.

Birthdays are a fun event to be celebrated and there are a dozen ways in which your birthday can be turned into an awesome day for everyone!

There are definitely some important birthday dates, though, and these usually revolve around a special birthday tradition for the age that you’re celebrating.

Chances are that you already know about the birthdays that you have celebrated, but here are some important birthday milestones for the ages that you have not quite reached yet!

Your 16th Birthday Milestone!

When your young and in high school many people could not wait for their 16th birthday! In many of the States in America age 16 is the age at which you can officially get your drivers license and go out driving without your parents.

Many high school students continue to celebrate their 16th birthday by taking road trips during the Summer or during Winter or Spring break if their birthday falls during the school year. An even more important concept is parents who buy cars for their children at this age because a car is an excellent gift for a 16th birthday!

Your 18th Birthday Milestone!

best Important Birthday Milestones
best Important Birthday Milestones

This is an even more important birthday milestone just because of the fact that many young adults can’t wait to graduate high school and leave the house that they’ve lived in all their lives so far! The 18th birthday signifies freedom, usually maturity, as well as independence for most people.

Your 30th Birthday Milestone!

Some people don’t consider their 30th birthday to be all that of a big deal, however, some men and some women do find it a little disheartening to turn 30.

Sometimes it means that they’re on their way to being old-aged and other times individuals may become a little depressed over the thought of their goals that haven’t been accomplished yet. Turning 30, though, doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom and should be celebrated!

Your 50th birthday Milestone!

This is another birthday that may have some gloom and doom along with it and it may perhaps be followed by a short mid-life crisis. As with your 30th birthday , though, age 50 should be celebrated. It shouldn’t be a sign that you’re getting older; on the other hand, you should look at it as though you are getting wiser and smarter than the younger people on the planet!

Your 75th Birthday Milestone!

Even though some people may not make it to 75, you may be reminiscing at this point if you have reached age 75. Many elderly people think back to the good days when they were young and would relish the thought of being 20 again!

These are the most important birthdays that you could celebrate in your lifetime! Many good things happen when you hit these milestones. This is not to say, of course, that good birthdays aren’t sprinkled in between these milestones, but they certainly have a nostalgia that comes along with them!

Throwing Yourself Your Own Birthday Party

Usually birthday parties are thrown by the friends and family members of the birthday guest of honor, but that is not how it always has to be.

There are many cases in which individuals choose to throw their own birthday parties and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you have no one else to spend your birthday with, though, you can always decide to throw yourself a birthday party and have a good time!

Who says that you can’t go to the movie yourself to have a good time on your birthday? The honest truth is that there are plenty of things that you can do by yourself on your birthday and you don’t have to have anyone else with you to do them.

The best part about throwing yourself a birthday party is that you can do anything you want and not feel bad about it. For example, if you want to get bloated with pizza you can.

One of the best ways to throw yourself a birthday party is to have a movie marathon day. Going out to rent several movies, ordering pizza, and buying candy is the best way to go if you’re going to spend the day at your house just relaxing on the couch.

If you’re a guy, or a girl for that matter, you can always buy a pack of beer or alcohol and spend the evening on the couch sipping alcohol with your favorite movies and television shows!

Upsides to Your Own Birthday Party!

best Important Birthday Milestones
best Important Birthday Milestones

There are also some upsides to throwing yourself a birthday party and not inviting anyone else. The first upside is that you absolutely don’t need any invitations at all.

Since you are the only one that’s going to be at your birthday party then you don’t need to worry about any invitations or any RSVP cards.

Another upside to being the only participant to your birthday party is that you don’t have to decorate if you don’t want to. In fact, there’s no reason to decorate because you’re not going to have anyone see them anyway.

A third upside to the whole throw-yourself-a-party birthday is that you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

If you have a planned birthday party with friends and family then chances are that you’ll have to stick with what they want to do.

On the other hand, not inviting anyone else over means that you can do whatever you want and can even go out to a bar or a club if you want to. All things considered, there are virtually no downsides to throwing yourself a birthday party!

Birthday Party Essentials

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on all the birthday party essentials even though you are going to be the only one at your party.

For example, you’ll definitely have to buy a birthday cake so that it’ll actually feel like your birthday! One thing that you’ll miss out on, though,

if you don’t invite anyone over for your birthday is the opportunity for someone to sing the song “Happy Birthday” to you. Even though that’s not a huge part of your birthday, it will still be missing from your special day.

All in all, though, having yourself your very own small and relaxing birthday party is just something that everyone needs every once in awhile.

If you are tired of all the hype and commercialization of birthday parties in the store then this may be your perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy your own birthday!

All About Birthday Cards

Birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes, types and methods. You can get funny birthday cards, emotional birthday cards, and children’s birthday cards.

The best place to easily find cheap birthday cards is to go to a discount store like Walmart. However, if you want something really flashy, or just like to spend a lot of money on your friends and family, you can always shop for birthday cards at a specialty store like Hallmark.

You can also find great birthday cards online. You can find them to order in print, order in bulk, or order several different birthday cards for many occasions at the same time.

Alternatively, you can send birthday cards electronically, through email. There are many websites that allow you to pick your general birthday card, then add your own birthday or other message to the birthday card.

You can also send musical birthday cards and animated birthday cards. While some of these services are free, many of them require registration.

One thing that is becoming very common is hand made birthday cards. You can find handmade birthday cards at flee markets and craft shops.

You can also occasionally find handmade birthday cards at wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco. You may think that handmade birthday cards are expensive, but really they can be quite reasonable.

You can often find boxes of handmade birthday cards for around ten to thirty dollars.

These days birthday cards come in all shapes and sizes, and all genres. You can find birthday cards related to every child’s age from one to eighteen.

best Important Birthday Milestones
best Important Birthday Milestones

You can also find birthday cards related to every landmark age, such as age twenty-one, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty.

I imagine they also have birthday cards for ages ninety and one-hundred, but I haven’t seen them. You may need to special order these birthday cards, as few people reach that old age in today’s society.

Themed birthday cards are a lot of fun. Themes such as “over the hill” are very popular. My father received an over the hill birthday card with the phrase

“you’re a national treasure…unfortunately the government has failed to allocate funds to your maintenance.” These birthday cards are very humorous, and make older men especially feel much better about having their birthday.

There are also themed birthday cards for the younger generation. Birthday cards with sexy women, alcohol, or crude gestures are very popular with today’s young people.

There are also Disney themed birthday cards for younger children. These birthday cards include themes such as Disney Princesses, Cars, Aladdin, and other Disney favorites.

Some of these birthday cards are pop-ups, and some of them are musical. Disney birthday cards are always a lot of fun to open, read, and play with again and again. It’s almost like another toy!

The best way to learn about birthday cards is to visit the birthday card isle at any department store, discount store, or Hallmark store.

Birthday cards are so versatile, you are sure to find a birthday card perfect for your son, daughter, grandchild, spouse, or other friend or family member.

Making Personalized Birthday Party Invitations
Whether you are inviting close family members, extended family members, or even your friends to your very own birthday party then chances are that you’ll want to let them know in a creative and fun way that you are going to hold a birthday party!

There are many ways to do this, ranging from calling them on the phone and letting them know personally all the way to sending out actual birthday party invitations with an RSVP card and everything.

Suffice it to say that there are plenty of ways to create your own birthday party invitations. Here are a few extra special and creative ways, though, to make sure that everyone knows about you special day!

Ring, Ring, Ring!

As mentioned, one of the ways in which you can let everyone know about your birthday party is through a phone call. However, the manner in which you do this is the way in which it can be turned into a creative announcement.

For example, speaking to everyone you would like to invite individually can be fun, but a more fun way to announce your birthday party is through phone call announcements.

For example, the first step to creating your phone call birthday announcements is by recording yourself on a recorder.

You can make a short announcement about your birthday party or you could make up another creative script that tells about your birthday party.

You’ll want to make sure that you include all the pertinent information, such as where it will be held, what time, as well as what to get you for your birthday gift! These phone call announcements sure will be cute, fun, and a good time for your guests to hear!

Email Birthday Party Invitations

This is another unique way to announce that you are going to hold a birthday party for yourself! You could either write out a regular email to all your family and friends that you’re going to invite or you could do this in another creative way.

best Important Birthday Milestones
best Important Birthday Milestones

For example, sending out Happy Birthday e-cards to everyone is a cute idea to announce that it’s going to be your birthday and that you are going to throw yourself a great birthday party! As with the phone birthday invitations you’ll want to include all of the same information like where it’ll be and what to bring, if anything.

When sending out email birthday announcements and e-cards you always have the option of being more creative than just telling people over the phone when your big day will be! Not only that, but they are fun methods, too!

Of course, the tried and true method of announcing your birthday party is always still available; however, many people nowadays seem to think this way is boring.

Also, by following the suggestions above just think about how many trees you’ll be saving! Nevertheless, making phone birthday party invitations or announcing it by email are two great ways to let your family and friends in on the fun!

Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are something that we all look forward to from the time we are very young. When we are young it’s the cake, presents, and the party favors that get us going,

but as we get older we typically just look forward to the social aspect, and hopefully some great food. You are never too old to have a great time at a birthday party, no matter what the theme may be and even who the company is.

Planning A Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party may be even better than having your own birthday parties when you were young. There are a lot of great birthday party ideas to get your inner party planner going.

For younger children all you need to do is take a trip through a discount party supplies store and you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with.
Once you have an idea of what your child’s favorite characters or colors are you can buy birthday streamers, favors, and other supplies that will turn any location into a true birthday party atmosphere.
The great thing is that you don’t need to break the bank to plan your child’s birthday party because you can get quality supplies at discount party supplies stores that

will help save you money while providing your child with the birthday  parties of his or her dreams. Birthday parties are fun for kids, but even more fun for parents to plan!

Birthday parties during the teen years might be lower key than they were when your kids were young. Paper streamers, party poppers, and party sparklers may be a thing of the past, but you can still help your child plan a great birthday party.

best Important Birthday Milestones
best Important Birthday Milestones

Party stores typically carry age appropriate items for everyone that even your teen will like, so encourage your child to let you in on the party planning and then let your child enjoy his or her birthday parties while you stand back and just enjoy their happiness.

If you are planning a party for someone that is older, there is still a lot of excitement in it! Party stores usually carry party theme supplies for 30th, 40th, and 50th birthday parties where paper streamers, party poppers, and other party decorations become perfectly acceptable again.

If it’s a surprise party you’ll want to buy some confetti to throw as well as birthday balloons and anything else you may associate with birthday parties.

Of course, food and drink is a favorite at most birthday parties so you’ll want to have all of the birthday girl or boy’s favorite foods available for all of the guests.

Birthday parties are an excuse to cut loose and be silly no matter how old you are. Planning parties for those that you love and care about is exciting,

and though it may change over the years you can still take a trip to the party store and ensure that everyone will have a great time! Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are, birthday parties are a great reason to have a good time, celebrate life, and even get a little bit goofy!

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