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Short Film Festival

Short Film Festival

Summary: Short Films first applied as early as the cinema itself when films made at this time were of two reels or approximate of running 20 minutes.

Majority of these short films were produced in 1880 often featuring movies without sound or at most have a lively piano background but without any live action sound.

This cinema era feature comedians such as Mack Sennet, Mabel Normand, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy. Cartoons also are mostly features for short films; such as the cartoon mogul Walt Disney’s cartoon series starring Mickey Mouse and the rest of the gang.

Though considered by today’s standard as short films, a century ago it wasn’t called short. It was only after the arrival of the much longer running films that have embarked on a more serious theme that the term ‘short film’, ‘shorts’, ‘short subject’ became applicable.

By cinematography definition, short films can be used on works that are 40 minutes or below running time. Short film topics could be just about anything but often focus more on complex topics since shorts aren’t restricted with public interest and profitability.

That’s perhaps why most budding filmmakers, artists and directors often have a repertoire of shorts to often function as credential portfolio.

Since the advent of the internet and CGI graphics (even hand drawn ones), short film production have been a growing interest due to its cheap cost and their brevity can be handy for convincing would be reviewers for a peek at the short film.

Such that short film festivals like LA Shorts Fest evolved to meet the increasing demand for a jumpstart or a reviewer of short films.

LA Shorts Fest do offer more to any budding shorts artist, things like filmmaking basics and well known producers, directors, and writers for remarks and reviews as well as deals and projects.

With an ongoing mandate to encourage the development of the short film industry Canadian Film Centre’s Short Film Festival may be North America’s largest short film festival.

The Manhattan Short Film Festival is also one of the happy events for shorts producer. Just like last September 2005 where the finalists

of the Short Film Festival were given enough dignified recognition by the screening of their works in 54 venues in 32 states across the USA.

With roughly 8,000 participants in the 2005 event the Manhattan Short Film Festival recognition was no joke. Because audience members were given the option

to vote among the participants, it is the largest public vote on short films and is every aspiring young auteur yearning to include in his calling card acclaim.

Before the initiation of digital film production and the mass production of digital film recorder, short films are a dying breed.

But with the advent of new technology, short films are back with a vengeance, and to control and harness the rapidly reappearing quality of short films, short film festivals are made.

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