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Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books1

Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books

In someway or an additional, all of us look for incredibly hero personalities in ourselves. Youngsters enjoy them, as well as also matured most likely to theaters to see flicks like Spiderman as well as Fantastic Four.

Superb tales are explained in comic publications, which are simply soft cover publications with words and also images. Comic publications cover whatever from scary to sci-fi, from criminal offense to journey and also enigma.


The suggestion was to accumulate all the comic strips from the papers as well as release a publication as well as generate with them, and also the outcome was the birth of comic publications.

Due to the fact that of this, they desired to generate as well as duplicate even more as well as a lot more comic publications.

This is one variation of just how comic publications were birthed, although some individuals think that comic publications existed in some type in the earlier days, such as the Egyptian wall surface art as well as primitive neanderthal paints.

In the year of 1938, Superman was initially presented, and also he came to be effective as well as so prominent that individuals wished to see even more of him, and also much more personalities with very powers. That was just how personalities like Spiderman were birthed.

The very first comic publications started as funny publications for kids and also that is why till currently the word comic is made use of for humour in English.

There are presently leading shops which market tee shirts, cups, journals and also sticker labels of these comic publication personalities.


Comics enthusiasts

Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books
Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books

The followers of comic publications enjoy to accumulate them, as well as this becomes their pastime. The brand-new ones are normally very easy to locate, these you can select up from your regional comic publication shop or plaything shops as well as likewise some edge markets.


In some cases, individuals that have actually accumulated comics for a long while choose to offer their individual collection, as well as you can additionally do that, incase you compose your mind.

You have to determine where to offer them, if in a comic shop or also on public auction websites.

You have to be mindful that you take complete obligation of the problem and also you should understand just how to shield your comic publications throughout delivery if you desire an excellent cost.

Offering individual collections, there are various other methods of making cash with comic publications and also their personalities.

The could and also mightiest of Hollywood wish to make films on these comic superheroes or intend to belong of it. Currently you understand exactly how large comic publications can obtain!

The concept was to accumulate all the comic strips from the papers as well as release a publication and also generate with them, and also the outcome was the birth of comic publications.

The initial comic publications started as amusing publications for youngsters and also that is why till currently the word comic is utilized for humour in English.

In some cases, individuals that have actually gathered comic publications for a long while make a decision to market their individual collection, as well as you can additionally do that, incase you make up your mind.

You have to be mindful that you take complete obligation of the problem and also you should understand just how to shield your comic publications throughout delivery if you desire an excellent cost.

Marketing individual collections, there are various other methods of making cash with comic publications and also their personalities.

Comic Books Price Guide – Ins And Outs

Normally, if you want to buy a comic book, you will head out to your local comic book dealer, browse around for a comic book, pick one to your liking, and then pay cash to the guy at the register.

This set-up is all good if you’re buying comic books to keep up with the latest adventures of your favorite super hero or super heroine.

However, there are some people who see comic books as an investment. Over years, your recent 2009 copy of “Mister/Miss Anonymous’ Adventures” may value up to a hundred dollars or more.

In retrospect, you may have a collection of Superman comics pre-dating World War II that your grandpa left to you back when you were seven years old.

God knows how much dough that will fetch you! Except for this situation, you don’t need divine intervention to help you realize the true value of your comic books in this day and age.

All you’ll need is a trusty comic books price guide to help you gauge the true value of your comics

What are comic books price guides? These guides list down the varying prices of comics as they age through the years.

You’ll find that some titles end up becoming forgotten and worthless over the years, while others skyrocket to reach hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in auctions.

There are two kinds of guides: printed guides and digital guides. Printed guides are your traditional hand-held books that list the values of comic books by today’s standards.

Examples of the traditional printed comic books price guides include the “Standard Catalog of Comic Books” and “The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.”

Digital guides, on the other hand, are either software databases or websites devoted to providing updated price listings.

This type of comic books price guide is typically more accessible and easier to navigate compared to its paper counterpart.

However, it is important to get information from both digital and print sources if you want a reliable pricing on your comic book collection.

At first glance, it may seem that the most practical thing to do would be to stick the updated digital comic books price guides over the printed versions.

However, you still need wide sources for you to judge the true value of a comic book collection. This is especially true if you’re following the trend of prices of a certain comic book.

Prices don’t always go up with time: demand may slowly fall as well. You’ll need to keep track of prices over the years, and printed guides were there long before the internet was born.

Looking back and comparing prices will then help you determine when the best time to sell or buy a collection would be.

Comic books price guides offer you the ability to check the true value of a comic book collection, and a combination of print and digital sources will help you make a more accurate estimate.

Time it right, and you’ll be able to get the most value for a valued collection. Who says comic books are just for kids?

Concerns With Comic Books

One of the areas of concern with comic books is the violence. The violence contained in some of the comic books today is common.

Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books
Exactly How To Make Money With Comic Books

With more realism being demanded, comic books of today assimilate real life situations into their plots. The perilous undertaking of the hero or villain can be justified with a realistic approach.

If people want what is transpiring in today’s world then comic books will emulate that. Parents should caution their children with some of the content published in various comic books.

The graphics displayed today are amazingly realistic. Children need to be aware and make responsible choices. With that being said, the content being viewed on television makes children desensitized to explicit situations.

The graphic composition of some comic books are illustrated through various categories. The super hero comic books usually will be more graphic than a non-super hero comic book.

The question of reading a graphic comic book can be dispelled when a child’s age is taken into consideration. The comic book business has a rating system, but if you make an analogy to the movie companies rating system then the existing question remains.

At what age would be appropriate for a person to read a graphic comic book? There is no easy answer to that question because each household embraces different standards.

Family A allows their child to watch adult movies but family B does not. They watched the same movie but in different homes with differing standards. Common sense should dictate. However, common sense is not so common.

If a superhero, villain or civilian gets wounded in a comic book, how much should the artist show to illustrate their point?

Should blood rush out in steady bursts or would a trickle suffice? Again, it depends on the content of the comic book. What kind of brawl was it?

What, if any, kind of weapons were used? The result is dependant upon the battle itself.

Therefore, to suggest a toning down of bloodshed would diminish the realism that is being sought.

Ultimately, it is the parent’s decision to monitor what the children read while being cautious not to initiate censorship. A delicate balance must be in accord with the parent’s belief structure.


A parent raised on comic books might be more apt to let their children read them while a person who grew up in a stricter household would not.

What becomes right or wrong is distorted when viewed on an individual basis. Collectively a standard exists with the current rating system in place.

Individual bias toward comic books need not render the system obsolete. Individuals should view comic books according to the genre and read within the family’s belief structure.

In addition to the graphic content of comic books, a different component surfaces. While it is not widespread, cursing does appear in comic books.

The harsher of curse words are not necessarily shown but the more accepted ones are. Children are going to learn derogatory words through friends, school and the parents themselves. Even a great deal of novels contains curse words.

In comic books, the curse words are placed there to demonstrate a point of how the characters are feeling. The anguished faces that are drawn suggest that a curse word would be nestled in there to express their position.

Whatever side of the table you sit on, the comic books graphic content and the colorful metaphors are an intricate part of the experience.

Comic Books In The 21st Century

Comic books have been around for over seventy years. Comic books in the twenty-first century are quite different since its inception nearly a century ago.

Social problems in comics
Social problems in comics

The industry has matured and the characters are more fully developed. The villains are more villainous, the superheroes are more powerful and the relationship between the two has evolved.

Comic books in the twenty-first century possess much more complicated storylines. Sometimes subplots are incorporated in the story so when a future occurrence materializes, you are cognizant of it.

The sophistication of comic books have made Hollywood squeal in delight as the comic books come into the film industry. Mainstream society has a voracious appetite when a hero is brought from the pages of comic books to a full length film.

While there had been movies, serials and television shows that purport to portray the costumed heroes, it did not do them justice. It took time for technology to catch up to reprise the comic book hero.

Comic books in the twenty-first century allows readers to read and conceptualize the story, then watch the big screen to see if the writer and director had the same perception as you did.

Oftentimes I was delighted at the movies, despite the fact that I had a different version of what should have been done.

The twenty-first century of comic books can also be considered the bane of superhero characters.

In today’s world heroes can be hurt or even die. The demise doesn’t usually last long by human standards, but in a comic book’s life, years could have transpired.

The realism sought by the writers and artists are a testimony to the alteration that have taken place. If a character dies, you feel their death. You feel cheated.

Revenge on the villain is sought but is tempered by the wisdom of the prevailing heroes. The heroes knew what they were getting into when they donned their costume, and the realism displayed on the pages suggests the artist and writers were attentive too.

On occasion you may even feel you were present when the incident occurred. If someone was injured, either a scar or another feature was incorporated within the next comic book.

The comic book industry slightly altered the looks of heroes as the time went by. The characters do not usually age, but in some cases age had been affected.

Another factor to consider is why the comic book industry changed the looks of their characters. Perhaps another artist took the reins of the hero or villain.

Maybe an update was needed because some of his or hers costume or hairstyle looked out of place, or do not reflect, today’s styles or trends. So much has changed over the years that some characters are unrecognizable from their origin.

Whatever the case may be, the evolution of comic books is here to stay. I applaud the decision to update the comic books so stagnation does not ingress the industry.

The comic books in the twenty-first century remind me why I continue to read them. I had been enthralled as a young boy reading comic books in my bed.

I read them as an adult and am just as captivated. The content and looks may have changed but the messages are still the same.

The Science Fiction of Comic Books

The science fiction of comic books always fascinated the public. Where else could you read a forty-eight page comic book and find alternate universes or parallel universes?

One could read a science fiction short story or a novel, but to see a visual representation of what the writer and artist rendition of foreign life is truly a unique experience.

The connection between you and the comic books version of alien life forms or parallel universes can be similar or way off base.

That is the beauty of the science fiction of comic books. You never know if the comic books interpretation of alien life and alien technology were meant to persuade you into their way of conceptualizing the unfathomable, or not.

Perhaps it is their version from when they read comic books when they were young. Comic books have a plethora of instances where alien life forms want to destroy the earth.

The strange beings seem only to want to destroy and conquer. When a comic book portrays a benevolent species that traveled millennia to reach earth, we are immediately suspicious and resort to violence.

In comic books where there are alternate timelines, havoc ensues and the hero or heroes must return to the correct timeline. They were sent there on accident from a science experiment or some other apparently plausible explanation.

The science fiction of comic books tends to bend the current law of physics and stretch some truths to fit neatly into a good explanation.

After the ramifications from the story are fully examined, it becomes necessary to find new ways in which to use them in future narratives. Thus, one storyline has many possible outcomes for future comic books.

If a superhero destroys an alien bent on destroying earth and his body dissipates, then you would think the alien is gone. However, matter cannot dissipate.

So where is the creature? It seems likely it will be back in the future to reek more wide spread destruction on the unsuspecting populace.

On the other hand, it could be a robot that infiltrates machines, and has wrested control from us. Alternatively, it could be ourselves from the distant future that depleted their natural resources so they come back to steal ours.

Whatever the reason the strange beings wage warfare with us, or we are beamed to a different reality, the imagination is the clear winner.

Almost every kid sometime or another wanted to take a story they read from a comic book and try some type of experiment.

Those kids are the future scientists and perhaps in the meantime, our comic book creators. The science fiction of yesterday becomes the science of tomorrow.

The science may be dubious in comic books but the thrill of pretending you are in the shoes of someone else always held me captive.

The comic books will always be filled with science fiction themes and plots based on real science and pseudo science.

However, the real magic is that they can implement the two into a comic book, and turn a make believe story into a great work of art that will be remembered for a very long time.

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