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Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Wedding Planning

We travel farther and more often than ever, so it makes sense that more-and-more people chose to get married in romantic far away places.

Weddings at dream locations are called destination weddings, a trend that is becoming popular. Dream destinations can be very different locations.

If you love the ocean, but you live in a land locked part of the country, a destination wedding may be the most fitting option for you. The destination often serves as the location for the honeymoon and a possible vacation for your guests.

Destination weddings are not necessarily located on white sandy beaches, but you may decide to have your wedding at a national park, the country, or a historical site.

You may choose to get married in the birthplace of your ancestors. Destination weddings provide you and your guests a chance to visit another country or another continent. Destination weddings are very exciting, but there is work involved and you need to plan in advance.

If you are planning a domestic destination-wedding, make sure you contact the marriage license department of the destination county.

It is a good idea to call a local wedding planner for a consultation. The assistance of a local wedding planner at your destination can simplify the planning process.

When planning a destination wedding one of your most important tasks is to make sure that you understand the legal documents and requirements to get married in your destination county.

If you are marrying outside of the country, contact the destination country’s embassy or consulate for legal requirements.

If you are not comfortable dealing with embassies, contact local hotel wedding coordinators for help. Wedding professionals at your destination hotel should be able to provide you with valuable information.

Many prevalent destination-wedding locations offer on site wedding coordinators equipped with a lot of great information.

If you are going to invite guests, keep their needs and interests in mind, too.
A destination wedding could mean savings since your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon can be at the same destination.

Weddings – That Special Day

Standing in front of all her loved ones, donning an elegant white gown and a radiant smile, the bride smiles at her groom, tears in her eyes, and says, “I do.” The audience feels a rush of excitement, thrilled to be a part of this magic moment. Weddings are magical events.

Destination Wedding Planning
Destination Wedding Planning

Over the years, weddings have taken new twists. Veering away from tradition, many couples today choose alternative weddings that will create one-of-a-kind memories to last a lifetime.

Numerous resources are available to help couples plan unique weddings, ranging from intimate at-home nuptials to destination ceremonies.

Even destination weddings offer a broad range of options.
Today, beach weddings have become very popular. Wedding guests are able to join in the occasion while also enjoying a vacation of their own.

Newlyweds stay on to honeymoon at the same spot where they tied the knot. Many resorts offer packages that give couples a more economical wedding option, as well as one that is unique, beautiful, and relaxing.

Other couples choose to plan their weddings in another country, to honor their heritage. A bride with an Irish background, for example, may choose to wed in her ancestors’ homeland, complete with traditional bagpipers and Irish dancers.

Weddings like this allow the couple to honor tradition while looking ahead to the future and adding a modern twist. Guests and couples alike can indulge in a return to their heritage, learning more about their culture and perhaps digging in to their families’ roots.

Some still opt for weddings in Las Vegas. Kitschy as it may be, there is a certain attraction to the little wedding chapels and Elvis impersonators.

Certainly these weddings create stories that are worth telling for years to come.

The most important part of any wedding is the vow shared by the bride and groom. Choosing to marry and sharing that moment with loved ones is the most important decision a couple can make.

No matter what kind of celebration they choose, or where they decide to tie the knot, weddings are special occasions that are sure to touch the heart of everyone in attendance.

Disneyland Weddings

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the happiest day of your life at the happiest place on earth? Of course it would – and Disneyland has made that possible with Disneyland Weddings.

best Introduction to Weddings
Destination Wedding Planning

Women start dreaming of their weddings from the time that they are little girl’s. Now, you can really have a fairy tale wedding that is truly unique, romantic, and enchanting

– and you can have your very own ‘happily ever after’ wedding day at Disneyland. Disneyland weddings include a magical ceremony and a creative reception that you can’t find any place else on earth.

You won’t have to stress over the details. Like Cinderella, you can have your very own God Mother to take care of the details – although in this case, it will actually be a fairy God Planner.

Disneyland weddings are not last minute events. The planning stage starts one year before the date of the wedding with a meeting with the Disney wedding planner,

a site tour, and a selection of the possible locations for the wedding. Eleven months before the big day, the letter of agreement must be signed and returned with a deposit. At ten months, announcements are mailed out to the guests who are to be invited.

Eight months before the big day, the planning steps up. Planning sessions are held by phone or in person with the wedding planner, and ceremony and reception event orders are prepared.

Everything starts falling into place, and the planning continues until one month before the big day. Final payments are due thirty days before the wedding date, and the final guest count is due four days before the wedding isto take place.

Everything is planned with your input, and all of the details are handled without any stress being placed on the happy couple. Flowers, invitations,

and catering are all included. After a ceremony that will l
ive in your memory forever, you and your new spouse will enjoy the reception of your dreams.

The reception will be handled by a white gloved staff,complete with elegant resort table settings, a headtable, floor length linens, and place cards.

Yourwedding cake will be like nothing you could imagine in your wildest dreams, selected by you from a varietyof choices.

There are also honeymoon packages available at allof the Disneyland Resorts. From start to finish, yourDisneyland wedding will have all of your dreamscoming true, so you and your spouse can start yourroad to happily ever after.

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