Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration

Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration

There is no disputing that weddings cost a pretty penny, or in most cases thousands of pennies.

Everything from the dress to the flowers has to be factored into the cost, so small things like favors for weddings are often forgotten about in favor of something more important.

However, you must keep in mind that the people attending your wedding want to take something with them to remember your special day by.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to create a small and memorable item for your guests. Although some couples give out things like small picture frames as favors for weddings, you don’t have to go to that length.

Instead you can make something small and elegant that your guests will treasure and that you’ll feel good about giving away since the cost is reasonable.

One idea that has stood the test of time is wedding cake. Most likely you will be serving cake at the wedding, but you can also order another

cake that will be wrapped in the wedding colors and given away as favors for weddings. You can even purchase small white favor boxes for this very purpose.

If you are creative and skilled in calligraphy you can certainly note the date and your names on the favor boxes. Perhaps a stark black written note thanking your guests written on the top of the favor boxes will make these favors for weddings truly memorable.

Another relatively inexpensive idea is to create small scrolls on your home computer. These scrolls can then be printed on parchment and hand tied with ribbon that is a color reflective of the wedding party colors.

The scrolls can include a thank you from the wedding couple along with an image of their engagement. These make perfect favors for

weddings as they are personalized and they allow the guests the opportunity to open the scroll whenever they wish to remember the wedding.

Obviously you don’t have to incur much cost to create a small take home gift for your wedding guests. With some imagination and a little creative crafting you can make favors for weddings that your guests will treasure for years.

Booming Wedding Market

According to a recent survey entitled “American Wedding Study 2006,” conducted by The Conde Nast Bridal Group, concludes that the average amount spent on weddings has increased to almost $28,000.

Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration
Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration

It is predicted that 2.3 million Americans will get married this year, and there will be more than 44,000 weddings each weekend with 380 million wedding guests attending.

With an average age of 27, brides are becoming more mature than ever. About 70 percent are paying, at least partially, for their own weddings.

Unexpected costs are common as over one third of couples are spending more than planned.

“This authoritative survey shows that the wedding industry is not only vital but is in fact thriving,” says Daniel Lagani, vice president and publisher of The Conde Nast Bridal Group.

“Couples are entering this ‘Wedding Lifecycle’ from the engagement to the reception right up to the honeymoon in ever growing numbers flush with happiness and optimism,” Lagani says.

Approximately 16 of all weddings are destination-weddings. Destination-weddings are still expensive, but, on average, cost a couple of thousand dollars less than traditional weddings.

Destination-weddings are expected to have an average of 63 guests while traditional weddings are estimated to have 165 guests.

The most popular time for engagements are still the winter holidays with December being the busiest month of engagement. The time frame between engagement and marriage is 14 months.

In light of significant cost increases and a considerable delay in getting married, expect “The Echo Boom,” children of the Baby Boomer generation who make up 71 million men and women to emerge.

“They are the next big generation to move into the ‘engagement zone,’ as the oldest in the group will reach the marriage age of 27 in 2006,” Lagani says.

The top three growth categories in wedding spending are wedding photography, attendants’ gifts, and wedding rings.

destination weddings

There is definitely something romantic about having destination weddings. Though not everyone wants to fly off somewhere to get married on the beach or at a swanky resort, many find this is something that they want to do.

Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration
Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration

There is a lot to consider before you do this however, and if you don’t have a lot of money, this might be out of the question for you.

Not only do you have to think about your finances, you have to consider the finances of those you want to invite to your wedding.

Cost is probably the biggest factor in destination weddings. You are going to pay more for your arrangements, but if that is the wedding of your dreams, you should have it if you can afford it.

You also have to consider how much money your family and friends have to spend. Plane tickets and hotel reservations can be steep, and you may find that some just can’t come.

You will have to decide if destination weddings are worth it if some that you love cannot be there due to cost.

When choosing a place for destination weddings, you have to consider a few things. Most want to be married outside when they do this, but there is always the possibility that the weather will be a factor.

You have to be sure the place you choose that hosts destination weddings will have alternative means for you to hold your wedding if the weather does not cooperate.

This is something that is easier to do when you are near home, but when you are far from home, you have to know other arrangements can be made for you and your guests.

Also remember that destination weddings are expensive, even for those who can afford to go. You may not get the gifts you think you might get when someone has to pay a lot of money to attend your wedding.

Be prepared for an exciting and wonderful wedding, but also prepare for it to be a smaller affair. You have to decide if all of that is worth it before you proceed.

Those with smaller families and a close circle of friends usually choose this type of wedding, and it often becomes exactly what they hoped it would be.

Just remember to give destination weddings a lot of thought before deciding that is what you want to do for sure.

Wedding Theme; Picking The Best One For The Both Of You

Planning a wedding is certainly an exciting time in the life of any couple. There are so many things to do, and so many things to consider, however, that it can be somewhat of an overwhelming experience as well.

Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration
Your wedding day is truly a day for celebration

== Planning Your Theme Together ==
Planning a wedding may well be the first big thing you do as a couple, and it is important to go through that planning process as a team.

There are many different wedding themes, from fun and casual outdoor weddings to the most elaborate, fairy tale weddings. It is important for the couple to talk about what they both want in their wedding and what theme is appropriate to each of them.

== Wedding Planning Guides And Bridal Magazines ==
When looking for the perfect theme for your wedding, many couples like to browse the many wedding planning guides and bridal magazines on the market. You may be able to find wedding themes you would never have thought of.

For instance, one of the most popular types of wedding in recent years has been the so-called destination wedding.

The beauty of such a wedding is that the couple’s family and friends gather in a resort location, for the wedding, reception, and possibly some fun on the beach.

While not every couple will be able to afford the extravagance of a wedding at a five star resort, these types of theme weddings can give the couple some great ideas. Instead of a beach resort, the couple may choose to host a wedding reception at poolside.

== Ethnic Wedding Themes ==
Ethnic themed weddings are also increasingly popular, and they can be a great choice that couples can agree on. From Irish weddings to Hawaiian weddings, these themes can be a great way plan an extra special wedding ceremony.

== Start Planning Early ==
No matter what themes the bride and groom to be choose, it is important to start the wedding planning process early. Whether your taste and style runs to the simple or the elaborate

, planning a wedding and finding the right wedding theme will take some time. It is important to plan early so that you can enjoy the process without being stressed.

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