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The Best Parody Ever Seen

The Best Parody Ever Seen

The Best Parody Ever Seen I am not constantly a massive follower of apology as a way of funny, however when my senior high school progressed

dramatization course recommended to me that we produce an apology of our secondary school and after that do it for completion of the year manufacturing, I needed to take their suggestion seriously as well as consider it.



It took me a couple of days to make it through the information of the suggestion, however I figured out that it would certainly be a terrific task for our course to produce every facet of our springtime play as opposed to carry out one that has actually currently been created.

Unique Destination to Spend Your Honeymoon
Unique Destination to Spend Your Honeymoon

My reluctance regarding apology is that it can promptly be offending as well as misconstrued. One group was in cost of composing the manuscript of the apology.


An additional group was totally in fee of spreading as well as generating the play as well as yet an additional group was in fee of the established style, the customes and also the logistics of making the apology play take place.


I was happy as well as stunned by the suggestions that my trainees cam up with throughout conceptualizing sessions for the apology.


I was surprised by the deepness of their understanding of the principle of apology and also their wish to truly revea realities concerning our senior high school in a funny manner in which would certainly be unoffensive and also yet testing to the target market.

As well as I assume this is a vital to efficient apology: relocating individuals to activity without making them upset.


On opening up evening of the apology play I took my seat in the front row still a little unclear of specifically what I would certainly experience.


I was so happy to be a component of this job as well as I located myself desiring that I had actually seen the advantages of apology much quicker.


An additional group was totally in cost of spreading as well as creating the play as well as yet an additional group was in cost of the established style, the customes as well as the logistics of making the apology play take place.


I was surprised by the deepness of their understanding of the principle of apology and also their wish to actually revea facts regarding our high institution in a comical method that would certainly be unoffensive and also yet testing to the target market.

On opening up evening of the apology play I took my seat in the front row still a little uncertain of precisely what I would certainly experience.

Similarity Breeds Comedy

My last piece I talked about associating or pairing up opposites to produce funny ideas. Now we associate SIMILARITY or CONGRUITY; by puting the same or similar objects, person or animals together to engender laughter.

One good example is a pair of identical twins or two person wearing the same clothes. They naturally appear “odd” or “funny” to others. People will stare, giggle or whisper some cheeky or unkind remarks uder their breath. It’s a very normal response.

For cartoonists, this association of similarity can spawn lots of funny doodles. They can draw a person looking like an animal or two unrelated objects which are visually alike. The most popular is the garden hose partly hidden by the foliage and mistaken as a snake.

Caricature is a visual art form that employs the technique of congruity. It doesn’t look exactly like the actual person being drawn, but just a distorted or an exaggerated impression of the person and it looks kind of funny, doesn’t it?

Aside from visual art form, many verbal humor derives from this technique too. The most obvious form of verbal humor is the puns.

A pun is a play on words, usually humorous based on several meanings of one word, or a similarity of meanings between words that are pronounced the same or the different in meanings between two words pronounced the same and spelled somewhat similarly.

Following closely is another form verbal humor, called the double entendres. It can be a word or an expression having a double meaning, especially the second meaning is risque.
So, similarity breeds not only contempt, but comedy too!

The Three Stooges-Classic Comedy Icons

Ahhhh…The Three Stooges…Classic slapstick comedy and an American tradition. Who hasn’t seen a Stooge classic film short? But, who were these men who brought their caustic brand of physical comedy into our living rooms and theaters?

We all know them as Curly, Larry and Moe, but when they first started in1922 they were with a vaudeville act called Ted Healy and his Stooges (which was originally called Ted Healy and his Southern Gentlemen).

The ensemble consisted of Ted Healy, brothers Harry Moses Howard (Moe), Samuel Howard (Shemp) and Larry Fine (Larry). In 1931, Shemp left the group for a career in feature films, and needing a third stooge, Moe suggested his brother Jerome.

Ted, not enamored with his long hair and facial hair, stated he (Jerome) was not a character like Moe and Larry. Jerome left the room and quickly returned with a shaved head and face and Curly, as we know him, was born.

In his autobiography, Moe Howard and The Three Stooges, The Stooges and Ted Healy parted company in 1934 because, as Moe recalled, of Healy’s abrasiveness and alcoholism.

This is when they began their Columbia Pictures film career and the Three Stooges, as most of us know them, started their long journey into comedy history.

From 1934 until 1959, the Three Stooges starred in 190 film shorts; the longest such series in film history. They also appeared in a dozen movies and entertained millions throughout the world with their catch phrases, physical routines and masterful comedy.

In 1946, Curly suffered a stroke and Shemp was asked to rejoin the group. Knowing that Moe and Larry careers and the Stooges would be finished, he reluctantly agreed to rejoin the group, but only on a temporary basis. Unfortunately, Curly never recovered and died in January of 1952.

The Stooges, with Shemp as Curly’s replacement, went on to appear in 77 more short films and a feature film called Gold Raiders (1951).

Additionally, in 1949, Moe, Larry and Shemp made a pilot for a Three Stooges television show called “Jerks of All Trades”. The show was never picked up, but the pilot is public domain and is available on home video.

The Three Stooges dynasty took another hit when Shemp Howard died of a sudden heart attack in November of 1955 at age 60. Joe Besser replaced Shemp in 1956-57, appearing in 16 short films.

Interestingly, Joe had a clause in his contract specifically prohibiting him from being hit too hard, although it was lifted as time passed. Unfortunately, the market for short films and for the Stooges had passed. Columbia Pictures, the last studio still producing short films fired the Three Stooges in 1957.

(Because of contractual obligations and backlogs, final Stooge shorts weren’t released until 1959). A new medium, television, had taken over.

The Stooges weren’t down for long as the “rebirth” of the Stooges came rather quickly. In 1959, Columbia Pictures syndicated the entire Three Stooges film library to television and the Stooges were rediscovered by the baby boomers.

Stoogemania quickly swept across the country and Moe and Larry found themselves back in the spotlight again. But Joe Besser’s wife had a heart attack and he withdrew from the act, so Moe quickly signed Joe DeRita as his replacement. DeRita shaved his head and became Curly-Joe, because he looked like the original Curly.

This version of the Three Stooges went on to make 39 short films and a few full-length movies in the late 1950’s and through the 1960’s.

In 1969 they filmed a pilot for a new TV series called “Kook’s Tour”, which would have been a show about the “retired” Stooges traveling the world, with episodes filmed on location. Alas, during production, Larry suffered a stroke that ended his acting career as well as the TV series.

Larry suffered another stroke in December 1974 and another month later suffered a fatal stroke and died in January 1975.

It was thought that they could carry on, several movie ideas were considered, however Moe Howard passed away in May 1975.

Although Curly-Joe (Joe DeRita) did some live work with a new group of “Stooges” in the early 1970’s, the Three Stooges, as we knew them, we gone.

This has been a synopsis of the lengthy careers and the phenomenon that was and still is the Three Stooges. With the advent of cable television, home video, dvds and with a loyal army of loyal fans, the Three Stooges are still entertaining the masses and will be for years to come.

Rude Comedy – comedian Rodney rude

True to his name, this Australian comedian Rodney Rude definitely has a house full of rudeness that makes up most of his stand-up routines.

Rodney is a blue stand-up comedian, but despite that, this comic is a poet and writer. His career began as a musician, playing guitar in a band.

Rodney was fond of altering lyrics for the fun part of it, but later accepted the challenge of becoming a stand-up comedian.

As a comedian, Rodney left Australia in 1969 and toured the US and Canada. After 12 years, his friend Barry Wain asked him to come home and found the Comedy Store in Sydney.

At the same time, Rodney acted as the club’s first compere. Comedian Rodney Rude got arrested in mid-1980’s after he offended officers from the Queensland police in a show. The album “Not Guilty” was an expression of the incident.

Rodney’s type of comedy is leaned towards the explicit side, more on sexual and insulting. People could usually catch him only in concerts because he was restricted from media exposures.

PS I Love You Movie Review
PS I Love You Movie Review

Another trademark that he’s popular with is his laughter, obscene limericks presented as rap songs. Comedian Rodney Rude likewise wrote original songs some of which are: I hate Cats, I May Not Be A Wog (But I Look Like One), Rubber Vagina, and a parody of the song Rhinestone Cowboy called Well-hung Plough Boy.

Rodney’s latest CD is “Frog Sack” that was released on November 11, 2005. Comedian Rodney Rude was caught touring Australia for the last time.

Rodney had 11 albums in his entire career: Rodney Rude Live, I Got More, Not Guilty, A Legend, The Best of Rodney Rude, Rats Arse Tour, More Grunt,

Ya Mums Bum, Rude Bastard, Twice as Rude, as well as his latest album. Rude Rides Again was recorded live during Rodney’s performance at the Gold Coast in front of a live audience. Among the tracks of this album is Funny, a 18:34 track, and Piss Funnry, a 18:52 track.

Comedian Rodney Rude’s videos, which are out both in DVD and CD: Rude Rides Again, Get Rude On, Leve On Stage – I don’t give a Rats, and Rodney Rude Live Volume 1.

Rodney actually made a huge influence on Australian youngsters. Some even remarked that the next big step to crossing adulthood in Australia is getting a driver’s license, enrolling to become a voter and – watching a Rodney concert.

Comedy of Comic Book Industry Errors

Although lacking in popularity for years, the mid-50s through early 60s brought back a resurgence of the superheroes.

This in itself was not bad, especially since I like superheroes. But as the publishers wanted to cash in on this rebirth, all other genres within the comic book industry started to fade.

The romance comics, the westerns, the hard-boiled detectives, the war comics and science fiction comics all started to pass by the wayside.

The superhero was being driven by the market forces, which became to exist in the US comic book industry. Suppliers and consumers alike developed an obsessive preoccupation with superheroes, which ultimately became a detriment to the medium as a whole.

By catering too much to the limited market of superhero lovers, a much broader audience became neglected. One analogy presented in the past was that superheroes are like really good desert. We all like desert, but who can eat it all the time?
Another concern with this market saturation was the aesthetic merits under the weight of the superhero longevity itself.

This was not necessarily the fault of the genre itself, but of the market upholding its lone cash cow. The very nature of art of storytelling within the superhero arena, was greatly affected. We all have learned from the time we were young, the fundamental elements of storytelling.

There is the beginning, a middle and an end. The telling of superheroes defies these fundamentals. There is a beginning, a continuous middle and NO end.

New Generation stand-ups-Famous current comedians
The Best Parody Ever Seen

The most obvious (and arguably most drama killing) story telling convention is that a leading superhero character can not die, at least, not for long.

Where is the sense of suspense in knowing the peril of the superhero against the super villain, will not last for long. Knowing that to sustain the market popularity, the hero must return issue after issue. While thrilling, it becomes and unconscious exercise in waiting to see how our hero survives.

This does not command the drama as that of a character whose outcome you are uncertain of for any given issue. This leaves no ending to an otherwise great story line, and thus a paradox. How could our superhero characters continue, as we would have them, if they were truly to die?

Cognitive psychology has demonstrated that memory retention is stronger with beginnings and endings. We wonder then, how can a story be memorable if there is no ending?

It can be theorized, that to keep comic books good, and this includes super heroes, they have to ultimately come to an end. It has been quoted before that all good things must come to an end.

Would this help to keep the comic book industry on a more successful track? This can now only be to the speculation of each of us as individuals. Think about what your opinion is.
One of the easiest mistakes to spot in the comic book industry, but the hardest to avoid, was the creation of the Direct Sales Market.

This was intended so dealers could purchase direct from the publishers, for a lower cost and in bulk. This in turn would allow the dealers to make their own profits.

Not a bad idea. Isn’t this how wholesale/retail transactions operate? Apparently though, this became the only method of distribution and eliminated mass venues and comic books were only sold through small isolated venues.

What do you think would happen if Time Magazine, for instance, took itself off the newsstands and sold only through these small outlets?

Imagine, although pure profits for the publishers, turning a mass publication into a niche market publication.

Who would deliberately do this? Who would be that crazy? Well, apparently the comic book industry did. Over 70 odd years they had managed to always make the wrong decision, by looking at the shortest-term results and throwing every egg into that basket.

And if all this is not enough, the final mistake made by the industry was to shift from Product to Personality. This entailed the move toward selling who was doing the book instead of what the book was all about.

While a few bright lights in the comic book writing field shined and some over the short term prospered, can an industry in general, continue to be successful?

If none but the most well know and successful writers can prosper, what would become of the bulk of the comic book genre, if this attitude persists? Many otherwise excellent magazines may go down the proverbially flaming tubes. Do keep this in mind

Can the comic book industry be saved? Very possibly, but when the individuals in charge of the saving are as eager as ever to make the same mistakes all over again, what will the outcome be? They don’t even appear to be cleaver enough to make new mistakes.


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