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Include Humor in Your Next Speech

Include Humor in Your Next Speech

Include Humor in Your Next Speech I think that anybody can make use of wit as well as that it is an important device in talking. Ideal wit loosens up a target market as well as makes it really feel much more comfy with you as the audio speaker;

wit can bring interest to the factor you are making; and also wit will certainly aid the target market much better remember your factor.

Allow me make it simple for you to utilize wit.

The finest and also most comfy location to discover wit for a speech is from your very own individual experience. Possibly the least dangerous usage of wit is an animation.

Right here are some tips on utilizing wit to make your following speech have extra effect.
Make sure the wit is amusing to you.

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Include Humor in Your Next Speech

A crucial to utilizing wit is just utilizing wit that makes you laugh or smile.
Prior to making use of wit in your speech, attempt it out with little teams of individuals. Also if your speculative team does not laugh or smile at first,

do not provide up on the wit, since the issue could be in the method you are providing the joke or repartee. Just usage wit in a speech after you are comfy informing it from memory and also have actually checked it.

Make sure the wit associates to the factor you are making. Do not make use of wit that is just there to make the target market laugh.

If you do not link your wit to your discussion, the target market might such as the wit, yet will certainly question what factor you are trying to make.

A beginning factor may be to sum up an animation as well as offer the subtitle as your wit. In your analysis, look for lines that make you grin; take into consideration exactly how they may be utilized in your following speech. Begin out with short little bits of wit.

When feasible, pick wit that comes from individuals you engage with. I was making a financial institution down payment just recently at a drive-in home window. Art Linkletter made an excellent living on the concept that “Kids claim the darndest points.”

Allow the target market determine for themselves. This method takes the stress off as you connect the wit. Remember you are not a comic captivating the target market; you are a major audio speaker looking for to aid the target market pay as well as bear in mind focus by making use of wit as a device.

Wit is just one more means of emphasizing with your target market, and also it can assist you be an extra reliable audio speaker.

Consider wit as a device in boosting your speech like interest tools, smooth shifts, and also strong framework. Keep in mind, “A smile is a contour that straightens a great deal of points.”

Proper wit unwinds a target market and also makes it really feel extra comfy with you as the audio speaker; wit can bring interest to the factor you are making; and also wit will certainly assist the target market much better remember your factor.

An essential to making use of wit is just utilizing wit that makes you laugh or smile.
Make sure the wit associates to the factor you are making.

Do not make use of wit that is just there to make the target market laugh. If you do not link your wit to your discussion, the target market might such as the wit, yet will certainly question what factor you are trying to make.

Laughter and your health

Jokes and humor for your health

When thinking about alternative medicine, most people picture plants, crystals, needles, maybe some bugs and leeches, but few realize that jokes, humor and comedy are truly medicines, in their own right.

It has long been established that optimists live longer than pessimists, but now there is some hard evidence that people with a better sense of humor also have longer and healthier lives. Your “stay healthy” plan should include a joke and a 20-minute comedy show, to go with the broccoli and carrots.

There are now various associations and physicians specialized in the so-called therapeutic humor, who are still investigating the roles of laughter in our lives.

Perhaps the most obvious of these roles is that related to the social life – jokes often allow people to connect and to bond, and sharing a good laughter is a good method to integrate in a team, to get along with the coworkers, neighbors and so on.

This function is vital from the point of view of mental health, since it reduces loneliness and, with it, depression and other problems associated with it.

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Include Humor in Your Next Speech

You don’t have to be trained in stand-up comedy in order to say something funny, sometimes all you need is a change of perspective or the courage to make fun at your own expense.

Humor is an invaluable asset in crisis situations, when it helps us calm down and reduce the levels of stress (and all the negative effects stress has on health).

It is often considered that, among patients with very severe diseases, those with an upbeat approach, who are capable of making jokes about their situations, have the best chances to defeat the illness.

So far, there have been no scientific studies to prove this, but the patients themselves report feeling better after joining an activity with humorous potential, even if it’s just watching a comedy show together with some friends or with other patients.

Recent researches suggest that laughter influences more than our mental framework, it actually has a positive effect on the physical aspect as well. It has been widely accepted, for some time, that laughter increases the pain resistance level, but the theory is still not proven.

In fact, very few studies have yet been made about the relation between comedy and health, but those existing seem to indicate that a good joke may lower the blood pressure, improve memory and cognitive functions and boost the immune system.

Moreover, these results are not short-term only: it seems that a good sense of humor may protect you against heart diseases and alter your biochemical state to a level where the organism produces more antibodies.

The lack of research in the field is due to the fact that people have always assumed that laughter is good for your health (along with an apple a day and a breath of fresh air), but little has been done to analyze this in depth.

There is also a “bad” humor (same as there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol). This category includes the approach that makes people feel miserable about themselves, or angry, upset and vengeful, as well as the skeptic and cynic attitude, which is often the front for deep depression and indifference.

Jokes directed at other people are also “bad” humor, along with ethnic, racial and sexist jokes, which are born out of frustration, not out of optimism and cheerfulness.

Also, people who often make fun of themselves hide a low self esteem, which is only worsened with every funny joke they invent (there is a good reason why clowns and successful comedy actors are often perceived as sad and depressed in their real lives).

If you decide to use laughter as a therapeutic method, the first obvious issue is that there are no harmful side effects, and you’ve got nothing to lose.

The second issue is that you can actually improve your sense of humor in time, same as any other skill or ability, by constant training and exposure to jokes and comedy. Next time you go to the movies, buy a ticket for a comedy, no matter how dumb the poster looks.

When you read the paper, don’t forget to check out their daily cartoon too. Spend ten minutes every day reading jokes, and, when you find some you like, share them with your friends.

(And when your boss catches you reading jokes instead of working, tell him it’s just therapy, he can’t stop your from taking your medication at work, right?)

Last but not least, try to find the funny side of the small things that happen every day around you – there is always something absurd or plain stupid going on right near you,

which may provide five minutes of good laugher, which, in turn, may unblock some arteries and keep the heart attack far away.

Opposite Attracts Laughter!

The secret in comedy writing is association. Let’s see how this technique of association generates hilarious result. By association, means by pairing or combining thoughts, images or even words together.

The most popular and obvious form of association in comedy is INCONGRUITY; by pairing of opposites or contrasts.

Like fat and thin, black and white, new and ancient and the list goes on. By juxtapositing two opposites it creates incongruity. This premise can whip up endless potential humorous ideas.

Examples like a tall reek-thin man standing beside his rotund wife, a caveman using a handphone, a smart-talking donkey with a dumb owl or a devil having a friendly round of poker with an angel.

As I’ve said before “anything goes”. But of course not all incongruities will produce funny result.

Another obvious source of incongruity is the OXYMORON. Oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two seemingly contradictory words are combined. Examples like: open secret, good grief, original copies, small crowd or alone together.

Similarly to the technique of incongruity, is the REVERT. Here you take a normal situation and reverse it into its opposite. The most popular example is the bride carrying her groom into the room.

Just take any ordinary situation and turn it around and see whether it can engender laughter. Like instead of having a bird in a cage, have a man in a bird cage, with the bird watching outside.

“Anything goes”!
Use the association technique to light up your creative fuse and set it ablaze with ideas. Spur your brain to make new connection or new associations with opposities that will attract laughter.

Seattle Laughter is Good Medicine

It is said that laughter really is the best medicine. If that is the case then Seattle should be a pretty healthy city. There is plenty of laughter to be had in this great city and even more to be shared with those who choose to visit.

If you are planning a trip to Seattle Washington, be sure to check out the many comedy clubs that can be found throughout the city.

There are at least three of these comedy clubs that stand out and make a lasting impression. The first one is Comedy Underground.

With locations in both Seattle and Tacoma you can pretty much take your pick between whichever one has the comedian you are most interested in seeing perform. The clubs actually have a fairly impressive menu and you are allowed to eat during the show.

Just make sure that your food doesn’t smell too good or the comedian might heckle you. The really good news is that Comedy Underground is open 7 nights a week with several open mic nights when you can see local talent.

Those are often the most interesting to watch. Tickets can be purchased for reasonable prices; especially during open mic nights and the performances are a lot of fun to watch. This is a great way to spend an evening and bring a date.

Giggles Comedy Night Club is the next one on my list. This club is only open Thursday through Sunday nights and has a one-drink minimum when there is a headliner and a two-drink minimum on open mic nights.

Giggles features acts that you may have seen around a bit rather than only offering local talent. The comedy is good and the drinks are better.

This is a great place to go and bring a group of friends along. The more the merrier when it comes to comedy, laughter, and liquor. Just remember to appoint a designated driver or have other plans for your ride home.

Now we get to the Jet City Improv. The Jet City Improv has grown and expanded over time and is now one of the most popular theatre experiences in the Seattle area. One of the great things about these shows is that they are suitable for all ages.

So this is a more family friendly environment than most other comedy clubs in the area. The entire show is improvised nightly based on audience participation and suggestions. This is one of the most hilarious theatre experiences you can possibly imagine.

And the more you can imagine the funnier it will get. I seriously recommend that you bring some Advil or some other sort of pain medicine along with you, as your sides will hurt before the night is over.

Whether you are a serious fan of comedy or someone who is only interested because it is a liver performance, I think you will be surprised by how much fun you have at any one of these three locations.

My personal favorite is the improv but this is solely based on the audience participation factor and the fact that you pretty much know what to expect when going in.

You never know what you are going to get when you hit an open mic night at some comedy clubs-sometimes the show is wonderful and sometimes the show is not so wonderful. The important thing is that you laugh often and you laugh well.

The Power Of Laughter

Did you realise that laughter can heal?

The experience of laughing has been proven to be an extremely potent tool for self healing. If you have watched the DVD “The Secret” then you will have seen a very good example of this. A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer laughed herself back to health.

She watched funny shows and wouldn’t allow any stress into her life. At the end of three months the cancer had totally disappeared!

Why and how did this happen? Is it really possible to laugh your way back from sickness to health?

Well it has been observed by the medical profession that when you laugh, there are certain chemicals released in your body that relax you and allow your body to do what it does best – repair itself!

However, when you allow stress to take over and live your life from a very serious standpoint your body does not release these highly beneficial chemicals, your muscles tense and even natural bodily functions like digestion become harder for your body to regulate.

As your body has to try that much harder to regulate your normal functions it takes its toil and aging can occur.

So if you try to see the funny side of things in life (and there always is one) you are actually helping yourself stay healthy and young.

Using humour is not just great for your physical health; it can also keep you healthy emotionally and mentally. The best way top stay happy and humorous is to redirect your focus and thus change your perception of things.

If you constantly dwell on feelings of negativity you are not allowing yourself to see the humorous side of life and are robbing your body of much needed chemicals and a state of relaxation.

Here are some hints if you want to take advantage of the positive effects of humour.

1. Do things that you really enjoy and find funny.

2. Watch comedies that make you laugh.

3. Read a magazine or funny book.

4. Repeat the jokes you like to friends and family. Their laughter will have you laughing again.

5. Share funny stories that have happened to you.

7. Seek out the company of people you find funny.

8. Ask friends and family to tell you about their funny experiences.

You should to have a good belly laugh at least once a day. Why not laugh your way to a healthy youthful body?

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