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Best comedian stars part2

Best comedian stars part2

Best comedian stars part2 Bill Bailey Comedian Won’t You Come Home? Ever heard the song “Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey?”? Who is Bill Bailey? Perhaps another fictional character?

– Yes, but not until a history teacher in King Edward’s School sang the wartime song in Mark “Bill” Bailey’s childhood.

Since then Mark Bailey has become “Bill Bailey” – comedian, actor, and musician, and who also claims to be good at sports. But that was the kid Bill Bailey. Let’s see if he had changed just a little.

Bill Bailey comedian is an Englishman by birth; he was born in Bath, England in 1964. His love for humor was honed early in his homeland however his early stand-up career didn’t begin until he accidentally wandered into a John Hegley show.

That’s when he wanted to take being stand-up comedian as a career, among his many mythologized job succession, and taking along the name Bill Bailey, Comedian he toured the US.

Bill Bailey Comedian toured with other comedians, Mark Lamarr and Phill Jupitus. In 1989 he formed a double stand-up act calling it the Rubber Bishops with Martin Stubbs, where Bill developed his unique style – a mix of his musical parodies with traditional jokes deconstructions.

In 1994 he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe with Sean Lock for the show Rock which is about an ageing rock star and his roadie. The show was later serialized for the Mark Radcliffe Show on BBS Radio 1 but audience attendance remained low.

Bill Bailey Comedian almost gave up. But one year later (while starting a punk rock band “Beergut 100”), Bill took the shot at becoming a solo act. He succeeded. He put his first pebble in his career milestone as Bill Bailey-Comedian. Bill Bailey’s Cosmic Jam became a hit.

It led to a recording at the Bloomsbury Theater in London and was broadcasted another year later on Channel 4 as Bill Bailey Live.

(In 2005 it was finally released in its DVD uncut version.) In 1996 he came home to Edinburgh after he won a Time Out award only to receive more.

He received a Perrier Comedy Award nomination for a critically acclaimed show where he took his Cosmic Jam charm of tying together classical comic music and post-modern gags combined with a whimsical rambling style.

And all just rolled along – “Is It Bill Bailey,” “Black Books,” “QI: Quite Interesting”, “Bewilderness,” “Part Troll,” and “Never Mind the Buzzocks”.

He’s still into his self-claims – a “confused hippie” and “part troll”. He will be appearing in the 2007 film Hot Fuzz and will be returning to America for his next tour before Edinburgh Fringe.

Controversial – Comedian Dane Cook

Best comedian stars part2
Best comedian stars part2

As a kid, comedian Dane Cook loved to make his family laugh. He would often re-interpret his idols Bill Cosby, Johnny Carson, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Bob Newhart, until he made his own fame.

From Arlington/ Boston Massachusetts, comedian Dane Cook left his Burger King job for Los Angeles. He started doing stand-ups in 1990 however implied that he didn’t become a comedian until 1995. By this time he was performing almost every single night including at The Laugh Factory in LA.

In the same year also, actor Dane Cook made his first TV-debut in ABC’s Maybe This Time. He would later appear in 15 films, perform in his own HBO special Vicious Circle

(his “BIG secret at Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden on April 15, 2006 where the stage was impressed with his “Su-Fi” hand gesture), and later star in his 2006 comedy Employee of the Month co-starring Jessica Simpson and Dax Shepard.

His first appearance in a major motion-picture was for the movie Mystery Men (1999) playing “The Waffler” hero. The same year he also starred in a straight-to-video film Simon Sez where he played

Dennis Rodman’s partner Nick Miranda. 2003, he released 8 Guys which he wrote, directed and starred in. 2005, he was a cook for Waiting…Actor-comedian Dane Cook is currently filming a psychological thriller with Kevin Costner entitled Mr. Brooks.

As a comedian, Dane Cook was featured on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and Comics Come Home plus a half-hour feature on Comedy Central Presents.

In 2000-2003, he was featured as the voice of three puppets on Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. 2003, he released his first comedy album Harmful If Swallowed.

2005 was a busy year. He released his second full-length album Retaliation debuting in #4 on Billboard’s Top Albums Chart, and which went double-platinum and became the best-selling comedy album in twenty-eight years. Also in 2005, comedian Dane Cook launched his Tourgasm.

And more public appearances – MTV-VMA, 3 sold-outs at Madison Square Garden, Jimmy Kimmel Live with Katie Holmes, The Tonight Show with Charlize Theron, Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour,

a longest monologue of Saturday Night Live (one of the highest-rated SNL’s however Entertainment Weekly named 4th Worst Show of The Year).

2005 also he started his own albums and videos company called SUper-FInger Entertainment. Currently he finished his own TV-pilot Cooked.

What the critiques say? – Retaliation’s unoriginal similarity with Louis CK’s; “where are the *ucking jokes” style (Rolling Stones); eccentric Tourgasm to “Boregasm” HBO ‘bad TV’; and “[Other comedians can’t stand this poor guy.”

(Jim Breuer- comedian and host of a Sirius Satellite Radio show). At a 2005 interview with Entertainment Weekly, comedian Dave Cook stated he “never walked toward a stage and felt heavy – ever. Even in bad places, [he] always learned something.”

The observational talkative with his own vocabularies is named by Time magazine as of one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2006. He has a million ‘friends’ in MySpace and spends thousands of dollars for his website.

Kevin James – comedian Kevin James

Kevin James – comedian Kevin James
Kevin James – comedian Kevin James

Comedian Kevin James was a stand-up comedian for 11 years prior to hitting it in the big screen. His first break came when he joined “Just for Laughs” Montreal Comedy Festival in 1996.

Since then, he’s been appearing in several television shows including “The Late Show with David Letterman” as well as in his one-hour comedy special on Comedy Central “Sweat the Small Stuff”.

Contrastingly, while Kevin was attending at Cortland University, he played fullback on the university’s football team but realized after 3 years that it wasn’t for him.

That’s when he started doing stand-up comedy routines in the comedy circuit and met Ray Romano. He landed in a role in Romano’s sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” and later had his own show “The King of Queens”, which he currently co-produces as well.

His inspirations are Robert Klein and Jerry Seinfeld. Besides the stardom that he’s reached, Kevin still does stand-up comedy touring all over the US performing his routines.

Some say that “King of the Queens” is a spin-off the “Everbody Loves Raymond” but the truth of the matter is that both Ray and Kevin make guest appearances in each other’s show.

Comedian Kevin James was once quoted that despite the huge success of his television show, he will continue to trace back his roots and do stand-up acts.

Entertainment Weekly acknowledged comedian Kevin James as among The 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment in the magazine’s 2001 “It” issue. He also is in rank 89 in the all time Comics list.

Kevin also made it big in the big screen pairing with award winners Will Smith and Eva Mendes in the move “Last First Kiss”. He’s also the voice behind Otis, the lead character of the movie “The Barnyard” under Nick Movies.

From June 1999 to 2000, Kevin was given the chance to host Florida’s official sports award show “Florida Sports Awards” in Jacksonville, FL.

This comic was born in Mineola, New York on April 26,1965 but grew up in Stony Brook, New York. In April 2000, moved to his brother Gary Valentine’s place in Los Angeles. Gary is also a stand-up comedian.

His wife whom he married in June 19, 2004 is model Steffiana De La Cruz. He met her on a blind date.

Comedian Kevin James will be starring in the new movie “Grilled” – a story about two ineffective salesmen who’s behind quota.

The meat company gives them an ultimatum by the end of the day. We’ll see if they can keep their jobs or be dead meat.

Comedian George Lopez, Mexican-American Awards-Grabber
Comedian George Lopez, Mexican-American Awards-Grabber
Comedian George Lopez, Mexican-American Awards-Grabber

Rarely do Latinos excel in the American entertainment scene. Comedian George Lopez is among the lucky ones, along with JLo.

Comedian George Lopez or GLo grew up in San Francisco Valley near LA where he pulled much of his comedy inspiration often satirizing his difficult Mexican-American life.

He never forgot his roots. George Lopez devotes much of his time to the LA community with his The George and Ann (his wife who gave him her kidney and which became the base of one of the George Lopez Show episodes) Lopez-Richie Alarcon CARE Foundation.

George was also given a Manny Mota Foundation Community Spirit Award, named Honorary Mayor of LA for supporting the earthquake victims of El Salvador and Guatemala,

granted the People for the American Way’s “Spirit of Liberty Award”, presented the 2004 Artist of the Year and Humanitarian Award by Harvard University, and named by Time Magazine as one of the “25 Most Influential Hispanics In America” in 2005.

As for his contributions in comic entertainment, comedian George Lopez is known to make laughs in his starring ABC-sitcom The George Lopez Show executively produced by Bruce Helford of The Drew Carrey Show and Rosanne, and Hollywood star Sandra Bullock.

He has also released a total of 4 stand-up albums including his first release Alien Nation, Right Now Right Now, recently-released El Mas Chingon,

and 2004 Grammy-nominated for Best Comedy Album Team Leader. He also has a live-comedy DVD-release entitled Why You Crying inspired from an autobiographical book of the same title co-written by Emmy-winning writer Armen Keteyian and which later became a New York Times Best-Sellers Top20.

Aside from his successful coast-to-coast stand-up gigs, comedian George Lopez also had the honor of performing for the President at the Ford Theater, Washington DC.

Another of his accomplishments is his December2004 attendance record at the Universal Amphitheater-LA. For TV, he appeared in The Latin Kings of Comedy,

acclaimed drama Bread and Roses, and HBO’s 2002 Audience Award Real Women Have Curves. His other stints include films Naughty or Nice, a Disney Christmas-movie and The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

Comedian George Lopez also hosted a major morning radio for Clear Channel Communications-LA, and became the first Latino to have headlined on an English-language station also in LA-America’s top radio market.

He also became a cast-member and commentator for HBO’s “Inside the NFL” in 2003-04, a co-host for the Emmy’s and a two-time host for the Latin Grammy Awards.

In 2003, he received the Imagen Vision Award, the Latino Spirit Award for Excellence in TV, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award.

Lastly, comedian George Lopez and his pro-partner finished 3rd in the 2004 golf-tournament AT&T Pebble-Beach Pro-Am.

Generations of laughter – famous comedians
Generations of laughter - famous comedians
Generations of laughter – famous comedians

Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Peter Cook, Eric Morecambe, Robin Williams, Peter Kay, Tommy Cooper, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Peter Sellers – they are all famous comedians of the 20th century.

Apart from being 10 of the most famous comedians that ever lived, there is one thing common to them – they can make any generation laugh.

The veterans, as they are referred to by comical enthusiasts, this selection of most famous comedians features the comical legends of all time.

Richard Pryor’s demise in December 2006 might have caused thousands to grieve, but his jokes and acts are etched on people’s minds.

Pryor’s trademark was his use of vulgarities, racial epithets, and made audiences laugh with his language that described a truly seasoned comedian.

The Bill Cosby Show would not be named after this entertainer if not for his craft in comedy. The said show was a huge success in the 1980’s, which made him one of the highest paid entertainers in this decade.

Bill Cosby has won several Grammy awards for his comedy albums, not to mention receiving awards annually from 1965-1970 and once more in 1987.

Next on the list of famous comedians is the English Peter Cook, who was a writer, comedian and famous for his satires. He’s well recognized as the father of the British satire boom that started in the 1960’s.

Eric Morecambe, one of the famous comedians, was born Eric John Bartholomew. He’s revered as UK’s “comic genius”. Eric performed with a double act named Ernie Wise. They made their name on the radio, prior to landing on television in 1955, and appeared in many series including “Two of a Kind”.

The famous comedian behind Popeye and Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams is natural in improvisation comedy.

A multi-awarded actor/comedian,

his first appearance on the limelight was as a stand-up comedian doing routines in San Francisco. Robin got the highest spot after being voted by fellow comedians in the Top 50 comedy acts ever in 2005.

Tommy Cooper is considered among the most inventive and funny comedians next to Charlie Chaplin. This British actor’s trademark is magic tricks to fail.

Despite this, he was actually adept in magic and member of the Magic Circle. His last act was in 1984 when he collapsed in front of his audience who thought it was part of his act.

Lenny Bruce was a celebrated British stand-up comedian who turned the stand up comedy into a real form of entertainment. He was a popular satirist of the 1950’s and 60’s.

Following in the footsteps of one of the famous comedians Lenny was George Carlin, a comedian who made leaps in cultural boundaries. He started in stand-up comedy in the 1960’s after doing radio. He was hailed to the Comedy Hall of Fame in November of 1994.

Richard Henry Sellers was one of the celebrated British famous comedians, who starred in “The Goon Show”, a BBC radio show that ran from 1951-1960.

Director Blake Edwards awarded him the description the “mercurial clown” for being able to turn comedy into drama and vice versa, instantly.

Care for a laugh? – American comedians
Care for a laugh – American comedians
Care for a laugh – American comedians

It’s easier to make people cry than do otherwise. Charlie Chaplin once said he always liked walking in the rain because no one will notice him crying.

He was the highest paid actor, and possibly person, in the world in 1916 earning $10,000 a week. These featured comedians all had their share of rocky days prior to being one of the top American comedians of all time.

Charlie Chaplain was and is perhaps the greatest comedian who ever lived. He was born in 1889 to a small-time actress, his mother, who was in and out of the mental hospital.

He quit school at 10 and worked as a mime on the British vaudeville circuit. The poverty he suffered in his early years inspired him the Tramp’s costume.

Who could forget the hilarious American comedians Three Stooges who made any generation laugh with their brand of slapstick comedy?

The Howard brothers, Moe, Jerome (Curly) and Shemp were raised in a small Jewish community in Brooklyn’s outskirts.

The siblings got into showbiz with the help of Ted Healy – Moe’s friend, in 1922. In 1934, after breaking up with Healy due to the latter’s alcoholism, they signed up to star in Columbia Pictures two-reel comedy short subjects that earned them only a few dollars per week.

Twenty-first century American comedians include Jim Carrey, who reached stardom with his movie The Mask. This Canadian who was born on January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, is a natural comedian being the class clown at Aldershot in Burlington.

Jim realized at a young age that he had a talent in making faces. Jim’s family became homeless when his accountant father was fired and replaced by a younger man.

Jim and his two other siblings earned a living by cleaning in the factory that his father previously worked in. Jim and his brother John cleaned the first floor, waxing, polishing, dusting, and cleaning toilets.

Tim Allen, born as Tim Allan Dick in 1953, may well be considered one of the funniest American comedians whose movies never fail to attract fans and people who simply want to laugh. And yes, you guessed it.

Tim was also the class clown. After getting his Bachelor of Science degree, in 1979 he first appeared as a stand-up comedian at Detroit’s Comedy Castle. His last name Dick was removed after landing on a stint in a local talk show.

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