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Comic Books Rate Overview-Outs and also ins

Comic Books Rate Overview-Outs and also ins

Typically, if you intend to acquire a comics, you will certainly go out to your neighborhood comics supplier, search about for a comics, select one to your taste,

and afterwards pay money to the man at the register. If you’re acquiring comic publications to maintain up with the most current experiences of your preferred extremely hero or very heroine, this set up is all excellent.

There are some individuals that see comic publications as a financial investment. Other than for this scenario, you do not require magnificent treatment to assist you understand the real worth of your comic publications in this day and also age.

All you’ll require is a reliable comic publications rate overview to aid you determine the real worth of your comics

What are comics cost overviews?

These overviews note down the differing rates of comics as they mature with the years. You’ll locate that some titles wind up ending up being failed to remember and also pointless throughout the years,

while others escalate to get to hundreds (and even thousands) of bucks in public auctions.

Printed overviews are your standard hand-held publications that detail the worths of comic publications by today’s requirements.

This kind of comic publications cost overview is commonly a lot more obtainable as well as much easier to browse contrasted to its paper equivalent.

It is vital to obtain details from both electronic and also print resources if you desire a trustworthy prices on your comic publication collection.

At initial glimpse, it might appear that the most useful point to do would certainly be to stick the upgraded electronic comic publications cost overviews over the published variations.

You still require large resources for you to evaluate the real worth of a comic publication collection. This is specifically real if you’re adhering to the fad of costs of a particular comic publication.

Comics cost overviews supply you the capability to inspect real worth of a comics collection, and also a mix of print and also electronic resources will certainly assist you make a much more exact quote.

Time it right, and also you’ll have the ability to obtain one of the most worth for a valued collection. That states comics are simply for youngsters?

All you’ll require is a dependable comic publications cost overview to assist you evaluate the real worth of your comics

What are comic publications rate overviews? Printed overviews are your typical hand-held publications that provide the worths of comic publications by today’s requirements.

At initial look, it might appear that the most useful point to do would certainly be to stick the upgraded electronic comic publications rate overviews over the published variations.

Comic publications cost overviews supply you the capability to inspect the real worth of a comic publication collection, as well as a mix of print and also electronic resources will certainly aid you make a much more precise quote.

How To Draw Comic Books– A Beginners Guide To Comic Book Creation

Comic book creation is a great literary form to explore. Unlike simple sketches or drawings, comic books have a certain kind of entertainment value and also has great story telling qualities.

Creating comic books can help one find a great creative avenue to release emotions or even release stress. Of course for one to create comic books, he or she should learn how to draw comic books correctly.

The first thing to do is create a drawing style that would be used to represent all elements and characters in your comic book.

This is largely dependent on the theme of your comic book, serious themes call for more serious illustrations while lighter and more humorous themes call for cartoon like and whimsical illustrations.

Developing your own style of illustrating elements is essential in learning how to draw comic books. It will take some time for you to develop a style you will be comfortable with so be patient and do not rush into things.

There are some basic rules that a budding comic book illustrator should learn. These basic elements will ensure the proper creation of the comic book and will establish foundations that one can build his or her comic book creation skills on. These basic elements are very important prerequisites in learning how to draw comic books and should be paid proper attention to.

Story boarding

Story boarding is an important element in comic books. It is a rough flow chart of your story and how you plan to tell it through your comic books. Story boards are rough sketches that show how the story progresses from start to finish; it helps guide you in making different scenes.


Paneling is the process of creating scenes that are called panels that will be distributed across pages. These panels will contain all your artwork and text materials. It is important for one to know how to properly allocate the pages basically you would prefer to allocate larger panels for more important scenes.


Certain effects are needed to emphasize certain panels. Usually effects are exaggerations that draw a reader’s attention to certain elements. Some most used effects are zooming in and out, exaggerating certain elements, and making elements bleed out of pages.

Dialogue bubbles

Dialogue bubbles are the balloons that contain text materials which show what your characters are saying or thinking. It is important to balance the amount of dialogue in a page so it won’t take up so much space.

There are other techniques that come after these basics but are a bit more advanced. Techniques such as coloring and inking can be reserved for more intermediate projects when an artist has already learned how to draw comic books significantly.

There are even more techniques that individuals will learn as they progress with their works but the most basic ones should be established before anything else.

Learning how to draw comic books can give an individual a great creative hobby and at some point even a lucrative side line. It is important though that an artist has fun while doing the work and never forgets to enjoy what he or she is doing regardless if the pursuit is for fun or profit.

Rare and First Printing Comic Books

Rare and first printing comic books are an industry that comprises serious minded individual’s intent on getting their moneys worth. There is a great deal of information that needs to be understood prior to getting into the business.

The values placed on comic books are based on rare the comic book is, was it a first edition, and most importantly the condition of the comic book. A good comic pricing guide is essential to determine how much, if any, your comic book is worth.

A prime example of this is my comic book collection. When the Batman’s Dark Knight Series came out, I bought the first issue.

I purchased it because I liked the concept of an old Bruce Wayne trying to gain back his lost youth. The streets had fallen to the younger generation. In one segment he fought, and barely won, a young person. In his prime, Batman would have had no problem taking the young man out.

However, old age crept in and he had to deal with his lost youth, and his mortality. I never took into the account that it would end up being worth anything. Imagine my surprise when I learned DC had only made a certain number of issues, never dreaming the popularity would ensue. I bought the three remaining first printing issues.

They were worth, to me, a lot more than I paid for them. When they were stolen, I was devastated. I was crushed because I loved the comic books and not because they were worth a little money.

The pricing guide’s most famous company is The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It has an extensive list of every comic book and a guide to its value. Some of the grades of the comic book affect the pricing. Here are a few brief examples.

Mint- Mint condition comic books are probably as good as the comic book will ever be. Everything from the fresh colors, to the absence of rust from the staples, to the different shades of white the paper is. Who can say if such a condition exists? I would love to see someone’s version of a mint comic book.

Near mint-, this condition has somewhat lower standards than the mint. Negligible flaws are to be expected, but none that would hamper the price.

Very fine- very fine condition has outstanding looks that are entreaty in nature.
There are many more categories to take into consideration when buying comic books for their value. The monthly magazine, Wizard, also has a pricing guide for comic books but I do not believe they are as comprehensive as The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Rare and first printing comic books can be very lucrative if you know how to play the game. It takes patience and a keen, discerning eye, coupled with knowledge of the market. Without the knowledge of the comic book market, the rest of the objectives become useless.

A great deal of research is required. Going into a situation blind is not recommended unless you have deep pockets and a jovial disposition.

The Golden Age of Comic Books

By and large, the accepted time frame for the golden age of comic books ran from a period from the 1930’s through the mid-1950’s. It was a prosperous time for the American comic book realm. Many of today’s super heroes were inaugurated during this stage.

Super heroes flourished in the golden age of comic books. Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Hawkman were some of the heroes that a new company called Detective Comics or DC comics, launched. During the 1940’s a precursor to Marvel Comics, called Timely Comics, introduced their version of the super hero genre.

They included Captain America, The Human Torch and The Sub-Mariner. Ironically, the Captain Marvel comic books from Fawcett Comics outsold Superman and his associates during the golden age. There were literally hundreds of super powered and non super powered heroes that came and went.

The advent of world war two helped propel the comic book industries popularity. It was an inexpensive means to relax, read and imagine the good guys prevail over the bad guys. In those days, Superman regularly helped the allies thwart Hitler and the axis powers.

What better way to defeat the enemy than to watch the heroes in action? Defeating Hitler was on everyone’s mind, and the stress relief comic books provided was helpful to a young man in a foreign land engaged in daily battles.

Superman, Batman and Robin helped the war effort by advertising war bonds. Uncle Sam may have wanted you, but the super heroes lending themselves to the war propaganda helped the cause.

Which one was more influential in the golden age of comic books: a sickly looking old man who wanted you to fight, or young powerful super heroes that could do incredible damage to the enemy? The answer is evident.

The war was significant and powerful in the development of the super heroes during the golden age. However, there were other factors too. There were comic books during that period that were not based on super heroes.

The genre started to change during the latter part of the golden age, especially after World War Two. Westerns were taking firm root in society as the readership declined for the super heroes. Horror, romance, satire and science fiction all filled the vacuum that was left during the decline.

The downward trend was precipitated by, in my opinion, the ambiance of the times with McCarthyism and books being published that suggested comic books and their ilk were detrimental to the society’s young people minds.
The introduction of the funny comics during the golden age were well-liked too.

Bugs bunny and Donald duck premiered. The funny comics instilled laughter in the audience and that was important. The importance of laughter during stressful times cannot be overstated.

The atmosphere was rife with the arrival of the cold war and the atomic age. Bomb shelters littered the country. With that being said, the funny comic books helped people express amusement in their daily routine.

Whatever genre people chose to read, the Golden Age of comic books influenced the shaping the comic book market.

Message Boards For Comic Books

Check out the search engine Google and see how many message boards, discussion groups and general forums there are for comic books and you will be amazed. There are close to two million hits. There are many redundancies in the hits but you get the point.

Message boards for comic books is a place where like minded people can discuss what is coming out new in the comic books, what you don’t like, or what you are fond of. Comic book forums are also a place to pool your resources and find out tidbits of information.

You can find sneak peaks of issues of comic books that have not come to the stores yet, and catch a glimpse of where the main character’s storyline continues.

One of the more interesting message boards for comic books is where comic book heroes and villains alike are faced off against each other.

It does not matter if they all come from one comic book universe or not. A multitude of entries pit individuals battling it out or they have clusters of comic book characters battling it out against another group.

What is interesting to note is the passion the person who initially wrote the message and the responses. People take this subject seriously. I have read arguments between adults on who can win whom.


In order to relate to the message boards for comic books, you should either delve into the comic book heroes and villains history, or already have at least a basic knowledge of who is who.

In an archetypal scenario, you have two super heroes and a criminal versus two criminals and one super hero. The battle is drawn and in your mind, you try to ascertain who is likely to beat who based on their power levels, their intelligence and the weapons they employ.

When you take into consideration those factors and add location, or which universe they would be fighting in, it can draw dissimilar conclusions to many different people who know the comic book arena. If someone disagreed with your conclusion, that person based it on his or her perception.

In some message boards, people can get mean. They will taunt you on your apparent lack of knowledge of the characters and call you derogatory names.

Since message boards are not an exact science and comic book personas are not real, it makes little sense for that type of behavior.

A great deal of the administrators that oversee the message boards allow this because of freedom of expression. There should be a point where someone steps in and either strips them of their privileges, or give them a stern warning.

Having divergent opinions in a comic book forum, or any forum for that matter, is a healthy way to debate on topics you are interested in. Why make fun of someone that has a difference of opinion? Variation is a good thing.

It is a necessary ingredient to maintain a healthy regard for other peoples view.
Message boards for comic books should be fun and with the intent to inform and to learn peoples views. Like-minded people share a responsibility to keep forums pleasurable while being careful to respect others and their ideas.

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  2. Cool. I spent a long time looking for relevant content and found that your article gave me new ideas, which is very helpful for my research. I think my thesis can be completed more smoothly. Thank you.

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