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It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells

It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells

We’ve all come across wit in marketing. Television advertisements revealing wise pet dogs bring their proprietors a beer. Publish advertisements with popular individuals putting on milk mustaches.

Does wit actually function in marketing? What we do understand is that, as in actual life, wit has its area. For wit utilized indiscriminately can be a catastrophe– for your item, your picture as well as your sales.

The things of wit is to make human get in touch with and also damage the monotony obstacle. Wit is one method to obtain via. Made use of properly, wit leads your target market to an usual ground of understanding.

The very same holds real for wit that leaves an unfavorable impact concerning your item or solution. A comic as soon as offered me an instance of what’s amusing as well as what isn’t. “An individual sliding on a banana peel isn’t amusing.

Exactly how To Build A Funny Videos Website
It’s Not Funny Unless it Sells

Being amusing in Television or also radio isn’t simple, however it’s also harder in print. Publish is one tool where imaginative authors truly have to function hard for the ideal outcome: wit that markets.

For, in simply one picture, you’ve obtained to develop the personality, established up the circumstance, and also benefit the strike line.

Also several marketers neglect that the item of any kind of advertisement, amusing or not, is to obtain individuals to attempt the item being promoted.

Wit needs to accent or display your item’s identification or vital functions, not hide them in a laugh. Not amusing.

One last point to remember regarding wit: it’s except novices. As any kind of specialist comic will certainly inform you, being amusing is severe company.

Also if you expensive on your own a master joke bank employee and also life of the celebration, you must still leave producing amusing advertisements to the pros.

A comic when provided me an instance of what’s amusing and also what isn’t. Being amusing in Television or also radio isn’t very easy, yet it’s also harder in print.

As well numerous marketers fail to remember that the things of any type of advertisement, amusing or not, is to obtain individuals to attempt the item being promoted.

As any type of expert comic will certainly inform you, being amusing is major company. Also if you expensive on your own a master joke cashier and also life of the event, you must still leave developing amusing advertisements to the pros.

Funny Ways To Save Money

There was a list of funny ways to save money on a “frugal living” website. They weren’t necessarily meant to be funny, but were gleaned from real suggestions sent in.

Some cheapskates don’t seem to notice that an extra hour at work might put them further ahead than many hours of penny-pinching.

The following are real suggestions, and then there are some funny ways to save money that you really shouldn’t try.

Funny Ways To Save Money – The Real Suggestions

One person suggested ways to save money on weddings that included picking up the leftover flowers at a cemetery. I’m not sue how you can tell which are “leftovers.”

Another creative penny pincher found a way to save money on a car wash. He washed his entire car using the squeegee at the gas station.

A woman confessed that she has the kids stuff their pockets with the free ketchup, salt and other condiment packets every time they were in a fast food restaurant.

That’s not all, though. She actually had the kids squeeze ketchup and mustard from the packets into regular jars of ketchup and mustard, and claims she hasn’t bought these condiments in years.

To save money on an umbrella, one man suggests going to the lost and found department of any large public library. Tell them you lost a black umbrella. They will have several, from which you can pick the best one and claim it as your own.

Call people long-distance when you know they won’t be home. Leave a message for them to call. That way, they pay for the long-distance call.

Funny Ways To Save Money – Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t pay baby sitters! Get young couples who are thinking about having kids to “rent” yours for the evening. They get to see what it will be like, and you can get paid instead of paying for sitters.

Turn off the TV and all the lights to save electricity. Tell the kids it’s a game of hide-and-seek.

Train your dog to beg for food from strangers, so you won’t have to buy dog food.

Rub pine needles under your arms instead of buying deodorant.

Take extra napkins from fast food restaurants to save on toilet paper.

Borrow your neighbors toothbrush instead of buying your own.

If I write a book on ways to save money, funny or not, will I make much in sales, or will everyone take my suggestion and borrow it from the library instead of buying it?

Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation

Most of us would agree that having humor in our lives increases rapport, strengthens our relationships and overcomes communication barriers.

People who work in a positive, often playful environment are more likely to stay. Productivity and creativity increase while stress is reduced. We just feel better after a good laugh.

Think funny!
1. Open with a humorous story. . I remember the time the lights when out and I fell off the stage. I wasn’t hurt and quickly said, Now I will take questions from the floor.

I’m at my best when taking questions in the dark. Before you can be funny, you must learn to see funny. Find the humor around you, in your life every day.

The lady who takes an aisle seat rather tan sit next to the window . . . doesn’t want to mess up her hair. Practice telling the story out loud, and cut out any parts that aren’t crucial. As Shakespeare so wisely said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

2. Use props (candy bars, hats, funny faces, etc.) Props can be used as a metaphor or an analogy for a point you are introducing. They get your creative juices working while providing an anchor for your audience to focus on.

3. Cartoons use your own or others a picture saves a 1000 words. Put cartoons on an overhead or use as part of a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Humor – should be relevant to your topic. Tom Peters said, I deeply believe in humor; not in jokes. Humor is spectacular.

Humor relieves anxiety and tension, serves as outlet for hostility and anger, and provides a healthy escape from reality.

It lightens heaviness related to critical illness, trauma, disfigurement, and death. It comes as no surprise that many people are utilizing humor to deal with the trying times. But is the humor timely? Is it appropriate?

Do not use ethnic, racist, political or religious jokes. Include a joke that helps bring back the attention of the audience or as a way to lighten up your remarks. We all can use a good laugh from a well timed, funny joke.

5. Self effacing humor- it is better to admit you made a mistake than to admit that you are one.

One of my lines as a mother of five is: For someone who isn’t Catholic, I sure did my share for the pope! Phyllis Diller is in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most laughs per minute.

A laugh is measured by:-

5 points if everyone is laughing and applauding
4 points if everyone is laughing and there’s a smattering of applause
3 points if everyone laughs but there’s no applause
2 points if some people are laughing
1 point for a titter or giggle

6.Mime- Marcel Marceau makes us laugh and moves us. Charlie Chaplin was an all time great without using the spoken word.

7.Move Your Body Try lifting your nose, look off to the side, jut out the bottom of your jaw, and notice how you become arrogant or aloof, Take a wide stance, shift your hips forward, and now you’ve just gained 50 pounds. The use of body movements will help to visually enhance your remarks.

8.Repetitive oral recitation- (repeat after me, Remember, if you can see funny, you can be funny. Repeat a particular sentence throughout your presentation to encourage audience retention.

9. Use taped music for a stretch break.

Get the audience to sing a funny song. Pass out words to a song. Lighten up your attendees have some fun and your audience retention will increase.

Don’t be afraid to be theatrical or silly. It’s why we pay actors the big bucks; and your audiences won’t forget you. Be outrageous. It’s the only place that isn’t crowded.

10. Group exercise a fun way to conclude your presentation is to use a group exercise. Use the football huddle to get the group to repeat a cheer or an affirmation to take some action.

Funny Home Made Retirement Gifts For Laughs

Home Made Is Economical

On the process of choosing what gift to give on a retiree’s special day, you may have finally decided to give him something that you think is quite special in a way that you are the one who is going to make it.

You may be thinking that by making such a funny home made retirement gift, you would be able to bring a little bit of laughter to the ideally sad retirement event and at the same time save yourself a bit of cash.

You may also put the idea of home made in a perspective of a utilitarian and consider the act itself as geared toward the greater good, which is in this context both of you for benefiting.

Home Made Is Personal

What is good about a retirement gift as being home made is that it becomes more personal than anything bought off the common marketplace or online. Having to create a personal work of progress shows more value and effort put into such a retirement gift.

For a recipient who values the aesthetic value as well as the sentimental value of things, he will be able to appreciate a home made retirement gift more than those which were commercially made.

Having a retirement gift as personally crafted also becomes an expression of the giver’s concern and love for the creation of the item itself.

With an added concept of being laced with humor, a funny home made retirement gift becomes an extension of the creator’s sense of humor itself.

Home Made Is Unique

For example, if the creator wishes to create a funny retirement gift such as a knitted shirt with a slogan “RETIRING to bed tonight” to be given and worn by the retiree during the retirement event would definitely catch a few chuckles from the guests, perhaps even from the boss.

By doing so, not only have you advertised your sense of creativity and good nature to everyone else other than the recipient of your gift, you also have made it known among them that you have creativity and a sense of value for uniqueness.

Home Made Is Perfect For The Home

One distinguishing idea in creating a funny home made retirement gift is that it is lighthearted in its own value since it wishes to bring out a smile with the retiree and whoever gets to see the gift.

Also bear in mind that whatever you are going to create for the retiree, it has to adhere to the notion that there wouldn’t be any issues,

especially sensitive ones which will be violated because of an incorrectly placed joke or remark on the gift. A home made retirement gift is safe to create with the idea that it would be for home use.

Home Made Is Priceless

Another good thing about a funny home made retirement gift is that its uniqueness is its own value, which is definitely priceless.

Like any work of art, any retirement gift that has been hand crafted and given to another person is similar to giving a part of the person to another as a parting gift and to be part of the new person’s life.

The idea of giving a part of one’s self to another through self expression of concern, acknowledgement, and love makes not just any retirement gift but any gift priceless.

Two things to bear in mind when giving funny home made retirement gifts: self humor and creativity.

How to Write Funny — It’s All About Timing

My Dad has this old joke that goes, “What’s the most important thing about humor?” After a short pause, he interjects, “TIMING!”

I’ve rolled my eyes many a time over this joke.

But here’s a new version for writers: “What’s the most important thing about writing funny? …… WORDING!”
Whether you’re talking about stand-up comedy or humorous writing, surprise is one of the biggest elements of laughter.

(Yes, Dad, I know, “Surprise” is what your little timing-joke is really all about.)
Readers become accustomed to seeing things written a certain way. As a writer, you have a choice: give it to them they way they expect, or surprise them with something different.

Here’s an example:
In my article “Does Target Shun Veterans?” I say that Internet Urban Legends are “stories that scare readers into believing such things as rat urine contaminating the tops of their canned peaches, and so forth.”

I could have just as easily written, “Internet Urban Legends are stories that scare readers into believing the tops of their canned food is dirty.” But that wouldn’t surprise anyone, and it would have made my piece just another bland “news story.”

I also shook up the sentence about Internet Urban Legends by including some humorous exaggerations. Simply writing “canned food” isn’t nearly as funny as being super specific and writing, “canned peaches,” and being “dirty” is far more typical than having “rat urine” on your lid.

The idea of being very specific is what comedian (and my hero) Jerry Seinfeld has built his entire career on. He doesn’t just talk about flying on an airplane, he mentions everything from the really small bag of peanuts to the pilot announcing the flight play-by-play.

As an audience, we laugh at these things because it’s something we’ve experienced but never given much thought to.

Who else but Seinfeld could have an entire 30-minute television show about toxic glue on envelopes?
Drawing attention to things that are common to all but seldom discussed makes people chuckle.

This is mostly due to their slight embarrassment when they realize “wow, I do that,” but it’s also because for the first time they are paying attention to something they might not have otherwise.

But aside from timing, exaggerations and calling attention to life’s quirks, sentence structure may be the ultimate weapon for writing humor.

Just as a lyricist times his verses to a beat, writers need an internal rhythm to make their work conversational and surprising.

There is quite a difference between writing a factual news piece and composing a humorous essay, but the biggest difference is sentence structure. Cut-and-dry news pieces need to follow a formula so that the content doesn’t get lost.

When writing a narrative or essay, however, you can play with pauses (dashes, colons, etc.), italics and words to create a feeling and rhythm.
Follow these hints and your writing will be surprising and funny….AND have great timing.

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